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Why is their a little ball under the growth tips ? Is it a hermie?

Just did a little research that kinda sucks

Hard to tell from the picture even when blown up

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Can you get a l better picture we can help you out

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Tried to blow it up.

@Painfree @Hogmaster I’m sorry I couldn’t get another picture the light turned off a few minutes after and I didn’t wanna affect the light ratio. What could those little balls be? Seeds?

Hard to tell. Could be a pollen sack. Take it off and open it up.

@Painfree , that’s what I think I looked up I’m pretty sure that’s what it is , what does that mean ? If it is a pollen sack

A male or some king or hermi. Get it away from any other plants before it starts spreading pollen

@Painfree damn , okay thank you :frowning: It has hairs and it growing buds so I think it is a hermi


I maybe wrong. I hope so but till you know for sure keep her away from others

It could easily be a calyx. You need to get some better pictures when light comes back on.

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Yep :point_up:, could be a calyx that just doesn’t want to open. There won’t be any seeds yet. It will be a pollen sac if it’s a hermie. You have time so wait for lights to come on and focus the camera in that area

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