Questions And Advice Would Be Appreciated On My Setup

Ok folks, first of all, I want to thank those in advance that can offer some answers and or advice.

I am new to growing. My AK-47 Auto seeds are on the way. A friend gave me a couple of seeds and I started one just to check my system.

First let me tell you the stats of my tent, lights, ventilation.
I have a VIVOSUN 48"x24"x60" grow tent.

I have a iPlantop 1000W Triple Chip LED light.

And my ventilation is a 118 CFM Goplus Inline Duct Fan with a G-HYDRO 4 Inch Air Carbon Filter.

I have an interesting setup (for me anyways).

I have 5 gal fabric pots with clay pebbles lining about 3-4 inches on the bottom. I then put in large coffee cans with the bottoms cut out and put those in the center and filled in clay pebbles around them. I put soil inside of the coffee cans. My idea is that it will give the roots something to hold onto while letting the water/nutrient mixture drain. I have the pots on stands raised about 3 inches above the bottom of the tote and I have small pumps circulating the water/nutrient mixture via halo rings. You will see all of this in the pictures.

My biggest questions are about lighting. First of all, I want to make sure I have enough light but even more so I need to know how high to keep the light above the plants. I’ve read a million different things online but I really hadnt found anything specific to 1000W LED.

That is really my biggest question. Other than that I would appreciate any advice you wonderful people could give me before my good seeds arrive from ILGM. So far I am so happy with ILGM.

Only other thing I know to mention is that for this first grow I am using the Foxfarm Trio for fertilizer (Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom).

Let me know what you think, please.


That light may be a bit much for seedlings. They don’t require much, a 6500k fluorescent bulb a couple inches away will be all you need for the first few weeks.

2x4 can be tricky with the temp/exhaust. I also have a 2x4 and just sent back a 6in ac infinity bc neither can give me enough power for negative pressure. Starting to think it’s the carbon filter. Might be clogged

Thats why I have it raised so high. But im worried that i will make the plant stretch.

That motor and filter sucks the sides of the tent in even with one of my vents fully open and only at about 3/4 speed. I figure it should do. It does sound like you have a clogged filter.

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I didn’t have any luck starting with LED lights . Switched to T5 fluorescents and have had great results. Even the spiral bulbs work just fine .

I’ll certainly make a note of that. For the plant, I have growing I just germinated the seed via the paper towel method and when the taproot was about 1/4" long I put it about 3/4" under the soil and it was poking up within about 1 1/2 days. If I have issues with the good seeds I will certainly switch over.


I love my 2x4. 67 to 77 degrees and no more than 50%RH ever. I run a 4 inch 200 cfm fan and have 1 and a half vents open. I keep three plants at diffrent stages in there. 1 photo and 2 autos normally.

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What kind of light are you using?

2 marshydro ts 1000s. At 16inch I have keep them turned down a bit. My nugs are dense.

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I use my HLG 260xl Rspec lights once my seeds are in my grow bucket and straight into my grow tent. I have a 4x4x80” and lights running full blast…the seeds grow fine for me.


So am I going to be way under lit for 2 plants?

Unfortunately your light is 180watts, not 1000. It will still grow a plant, but only a small plant with a 3sqft canopy. You can always buy additional lights as you grow, and there are affordable options like the Mars Hydro mentioned already.


Welcome to the forum.

Is this your light? This light is only 180watts. For the size of the tent I believe you will be under lit.


What filter do you have again

If you’re sucking air through the filter and out of tent and tent sucks in, even with a vent flap open, add an input air flow fan. Mine’s in tent with a vent tubing running out a vent port. I added cheese cloth to filter incoming air. Between that air coming in and air being sucked out thru filter separately now I can achieve balanced airflow and helps with cooling. I’m rocking a Mars Hydro TS2000W. :smirk:

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Drip ring above the plant will cause trunk rot

Try to make a mound so the plant can sit above it

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Sorry guys for the slow reply. Im a newbie on the forums and it limits my amount of posts. You have no idea how much I wanted to continue the conversation but couldnt.

Yikes. Would 2 of them be enough or should I got an entirely different route? Unfortunately God did not bless me with money or good looks so that is an issue. I want to remain LED because my better half would kill me if I went to the HPS lights. LoL

This is the filter I have.

This is the fan.

2 x 4 - 8sq ft / 180 watts - 22.5w/sq ft…

Add 2 more of those lights to the area and you’ll be able to flower, 2 for veg