Questions about when to transplant clones

Hello everyone again.

First time trying clones from a friend, he gave me these last week in the pictured solo cups, he said he just put them in there? I’m going to put them all (mostly) in 3 gallon pots with the exception of maybe 2 in 5 gallon pots, all mesh,

How do I know when they are ready to be transplanted into their forever pots? I’ve got everything ready I just don’t wanna stress them, they are all photos, this is my first grow useing clones and not seeds.

Thank you

Another thing to mention is he had all of them on 24hrs, today is day 3 of 18/6 from me as this has worked out fine for me in the past before the 12/12 flip. Anything I should be aware of? He says he always leaves his lights on 24hr but that seamed excessive to me?

Hardening them off for the outdoors. I have taken clones freshly bought and placed them outside after up-potting in small containers.
24hrs light is too excessive for me also. I have went straight into 18/6 after the purchase.
In the past, I would slowly buildup tolerance to the outdoors by hourly increments daily. Now, I just start them getting outside sun from jump. I have supplemental lighting indoors also. So when I lose direct sun in the later afternoon I bring them in to sit under the LEDs till 1230am-then darkness until the next morning. I keep this going until mid June/around the solstice.

Purchased on 4/19- and will go to forever home outside on June 9th +/- a day.

SL out.

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If the clones have rooted…they’re ready to be transplanted @Mjm697

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I’m not sure?? That’s why I’m asking,

Carefully tip one over and slide the cup up to see. If the soil is real loose and you can’t slide the cup away…probably not rooted. You’ll just have to baby them along for a while.


Question: Did he just cut them last week? Or were they in rockwool cubes or peat pucks before and now all buried under fresh dirt? It takes 2 or 3 weeks for clones to get roots, you have a ways to go yet. When the soil is dry, you can turn those upside down and the plant will slide out. You can then see how rootbound it is, or not! DON’T do it after watering, that almost looks like ProMix, and if it’s wet, it will crumble if they aren’t rootbound! Been there, done that!


Pretty sure they were just cut and put in the solo cups?

Another question- should I treat these as seedlings or plants lol? Meaning do I feed them like a plant or a seed?

Yes it’s promax, he gave me what I think is a 40 lb bag? How long after transplanting in my 3 gallon pots useing promax and worm castings would you think the nutrients would last? Meaning how long before i should start feeding with a nutrient program?

Thank you

And ok I’ll wait at least 2 weeks before transferring

I don’t use worm castings, sorry, can’t help you on tat front. But in 2 weeks, mix up enough ProMix for your pots, pre-wet it with nuted water and fill the containers. Bury your plants IN the pots to make a mold for them, then slide them out of the pots and into the form-fitted forever home you just built. No root shock that way. Then water (since you did this when they were dry so the rootball doesn’t crumble).
Happy Growing!


Do you just use pro mix with nothing else as your soil?

Thank you

Yep, just ProMix. I also put a couple inches of lava rock in the bottom of my pots for additional drainage/air to the roots. With Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect nutrients, I don’t have to measure my pH or TDS, don’t water to runoff, pretty lazy grow!