Questions about when buds will start to present

Hey, and thanks for looking in on my post.

This is my first grow, I’m 8 weeks in. Pistils have been present for about two weeks now, but there don’t seem to be any buds forming.
Some info:
Seed: ZSkittlez Auto via ILGM
Medium: FFHF, 5 gallon bucket.
Lighting: Mars Hyrdro TS1000
PPM: ~1100
Temp stays low 70s.
RH is in the low 60’s.


I’m only really worried because it’s threatening the top of the tent, I’ve got about half a foot more before I can’t go any higher with my light (I’ve already had to make my own rope hangers to lift it up), is there anything I can do to nudge her towards budding?

Thank you for any advice/help.

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Looking good!!
What’s your current lighting schedule?
You could try dropping the daylight hours some.

Keep up the good work!!



Right now I’m at 19/5.

Try changing to 16/8 to see if it will jumpstart them.


I have 2 Northern Lights that are flowering great at 18/6 but Gorilla Glue is just barely chugging along at that schedule. I’m gonna have to drop it in that tent soon.

That was gonna be my suggestion @Borderryan22

Since I’m already at 18 I might have to go to 14 or maybe 15 to spur her on.


@Borderryan22 @Tylersays

Thank you both, I just added three hours to the dark period on my timer.


She looks really full and bushy. Probably a good idea to clean out and open up the bottom and interior of the plant. You mentioned having a concern with height. This might give you some space if you want / need to bend the main stems


She is beautiful and happy looking. I think probably the light cycle is a good place to start. :blush::v:


Go to 12 on 12 off on your lights they will continue to grow a bit but not much just bend them easy to due just go to utube for a better look at how its done Good luck.


Wow. you have gotten far with 150w light.
Plants look good.

If you drop the light schedule to induce flowering in an auto do you bump it back up once she’s underway?

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Whatever light schedule you drop it too I would leave it. You can finish autos on 12/12 Without a problem.

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