Questions about Vaping


Have no idea, haven’t made any yet.

The Elite is a fussy little blighter, the grind, the quality (obviously), how hard it’s tamped down, how hard you draw, all have an effect. Get it right, you know about it, but you are always left with a short path to the mouthpiece which means things don’t cool so much and that can be an issue.

That’s why I bought the Boundless CFX, same price as a new Elite but a much better vape. Battery life is much healthier too AND it comes with pods for waxes and liquids.

The Elite can do the job, the CFX will do the job.


I vape dry herb out of a Firefly 2 and an Arizer Solo II. The taste profile definitely wanes as you work through the herb. The first two hits are always outstanding, but it starts to get that toasty flavor after a while. It’s not the end of the world for me – for my preference, even the worst part of the vape tastes better than the best part of smoke. I’m not a fan of smoke flavor.

Both of my vapes are good for different things. The Firefly 2 is relatively portable, self-contained, and very fast to heat up. So it’s good for a single or double hit here or there, and I can come back to it. The Arizer is better for a session. It takes a while to heat up but it’s more consistent and I can work through a bowl in it. My tolerance is still surprisingly low, so the .15g (when full) bowl on the Arizer is plenty for me on my homegrown bud.

I definitely mess with the temps a bit. Lower temps for daytime, higher temps at night. I’ve read about ramping as you go – start your first few hits at a low temp, then slowly work your way up to 428 or whatever. That seems like a lot of effort…


Hey has anyone brought there vapes from ? I want to get the misses one, you recon this one would be any good? Or which ones do u guys like?


That looks good to me has adjustable vape temps. Can i be your Misses LOL i would like a nice vape like that i am el cheapo my portable vape only cost me 90 bucks. (and i thought that was expensive) This would be a good gift :smiley:


I have a mighty. It’s amazing. Get it from storz and bickel. Too many fakes. Get a glass water attachment too. Sneaky Pete’s sells the 18mm joint and glass tube. $70 for both. There are Chinese glass websites you could get them
For $20. Amazing.


Depends on what your willing to do :open_mouth::open_mouth:. Lol


She’s never used a vape before , will
Just be using the herb to vape with


It’s As close to the volcano as you can get. And yes make her earn it.


Does Vape contain nicotine?


no they do not cannabis contains no nicotine. vapes are made from either concentrate from wax and a liquidizer like Veg Glycerin or a distalite and VG some companies do not put any vg or pe in their vape pens.

when i make my own vape pens i get WAX Liquidizer along with my own Concentrate.


Thank you for the information. :slight_smile: