Questions about Vaping

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I got myself a new portable dry vape rig. I Put some Gelato in it and the first hit was amazing and full of flavor but as i continue it started to take on this weird flavor profile. I under stand it is heating up the herb to the correct temp is this just how it starts to taste as you vape it more and more the herb gets brown and starts to change the taste. Do you recomend just packing very small chambers or does a dry vape pen need to cure like any other metal bowl. New to this part of consumption.

Thank you Ray :slight_smile:

Personally, I hate vaping for this very reason. I’ve found different vape pens work differently and give other results. You really just have to play with the temperature until it works right for you.


So that is totally normal then i dont think i like vaping either but since it is new i will play with it and see if i cant find a magic temp. Mona Looks amazing @raustin

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Thanks, hon. :kissing_heart:

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Ya I don’t like vaping flower either. Same reason. I use a dab pen


ok so i chalk this up to a new experience with cannabis. Yeah i got a weeper xl by ooze and i love it made dabs taste and burn good. I might invest in a actual Enail
Thanks @anon95385719

I’ve only used pre packaged liquid, sorry.

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well its all about experiences right? now i know i don’t care for vaped herbs. I am starting to dig hash oil now i will use it just not going to be the prefered method of smoking :slight_smile:


Have u tried a table top vaporizer? I vape dry herb that way. Taste is much better as nothing touches the bud just heat.


I have one of those too, and I don’t like it either. I find the taste kind of grassy.

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No i havent @anon95385719 i think the manager at a local shop has the volcano. I also think my friend Dave has one at his shop. I made a choice not to buy anymore gadgets for smoking I have my Dab Rig My Bong 2 pipes 1 glass 1 metal my weeper xl portal dab rig and this portable dry vape. Well i have two more things to get 1 a Quantum board and a small tent then i will be complete lol.

Someone told me a while ago that golf was expensive sport to play. I am like smoking and growing cannabis is a expensive hobby also LOL

one more thing i want to buy a Magic butter machine for making edibles also LOL

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Which vape do you use because I’ve had acceptable results with both the G-Pen Elite and the Boundless CFX. You really need a vape without preset temps as every weed is different and that ability to vary things by a few degrees can make a huge difference. It also depends on what temp you use, different terpenes and flavours get released at different temps.

As far as filling the bowl goes, you have to play with that yourself to get the right amount and packing density to suit your needs.

In other words, there’s a hell of a lot of variables depending on the make and model of the vaper, vaping temp, strain of weed, how fine the grind is, how much you pack into the bowl, etc, and that means that only VERY rough guides can be given on what to do, but the following can give you a clue about what to look for regarding temps.

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I went to my local head shop and i got the digital Wulf Vape it has precise temp control to 428 degrees. i have tried vaping at 345 350 353 lol i am just going to try every degree from 345 to 428 and what ever i like the best is the setting i will stay with. It is probably a normal taste of vaping weed. I hated the taste of Oil also until got my weeper portable rig. Thanks for your input @anon35207245

Its like everything else i just need to try my own way but i value the input of others to help me make correct choices. I did the same thing with edibles lol i am like what is a good dose for edibles having never taken them. I started with 15mg then 25 i am really good at 50 and at 100 i am like don’t make plans because i am not going anywhere except the sofa or kitchen for snacks.

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Maybe drop the temp down then


Thank you i will study this chart when i get home Thanks @anon35207245

The Chart really helped thank you @anon35207245. So i read up on vaping and when the taste changes to the burnt popcorn smell and taste its time to change the herb or oil. Its all a learning process and I thought of it as burning a bowl of weed. Its not portable vapes have small chambers and you can only get like 6-10 hits out of a bowl. I had no idea that was all you got LOL i am a Newb at vaping i thought you would get like 10-20 hits lol. So as i learn how to use a dry vape pen its getting better and better. I thought about how many times i hit it at work and it was like 7 times i checked at home and the chamber needed to be changed. So this is the experience i am getting.

Side note my Mz12x came in the mail yesterday and now i just need to save my shake and trim to do a run. And see if i can get a oil that tastes better then bho or pho oils

Depends on your portable, don’t it. I have a G-Pen Elite which has a fairly small bowl but can deliver a good whack.

The biggest problem with that pen is the battery life, so I decided to get a new one. Was tempted by a desktop, but then went against that because I don’t want to be moving that around as I go from couch to settee, etc, so bought a Boundless CFX and am happy with that, especially with a bowl that holds 0.75g. Your pen is more like my G-Pen, the CFX is more like the Mighty but at less than half the price unless you buy a Mighty on AliE, they are obviously returns/reconditioned, but when that means the price goes down to $113 with free delivery it does get tempting. That’s how I got my G-Pen, was something like €35 instead of €140 new, has been perfect apart from the battery life which is always an issue with these pens.

But don’t forget one thing. The residue. The lower your vape temp, then more compounds that can have a hit are left behind. You can throw that away, or you can just store that and use it in edibles, drop it in your coffee, mix it in with yoghurt, just sling it down your throat, whatever, no sense in wasting valuable cannabinoids, terps, etc. Hell, you can drop it in a pipe or roll it up and smoke it, but the bottom line is that, unlike with smoking where a very considerable percentage of the good stuff just goes up in the air and the ash is useless, the residue can still be used so you can get more use per gram once you get things dialled in to the hit you want.

I have a question about vaping. I am currently using a g-pen with dry herb but still find the vapour unpleasant to inhale, akin to smoking. How does vaping a liquid (tincture) feel on the throat compared to dry herb? Does it feel more gentle? Otherwise I might need to go down the nebuliser route.

First, which G-Pen as they are not equal. The Elite, thanks to indirect heating and a ceramic bowl, works better than other, older, models.

That’s number one, second is the temperature you are vaping at. Go too high and you can get near the combustion point, especially if your weed is dry, and you get a rough draw so try dropping the temperature.

Thanks for your reply. My g-pen is an elite and I have been using it at 160dC for a few hits and then 175dC for a few hits. There is little if any vapour exhaled. It’s not so harsh at this temp but I read that I’m not getting the full benefit at this temperature. It certainly doesn’t help me sleep as well as say, 190dC but at that temperature it burns my throat and chest.
Does vaping a glycerine tincture burn as much?