Questions about topping

From a fellow grower:

Is it best to top a auto flower or not …and the second question is ,is it good to top all sides on a regular plant and leave top to grow or top it all. Thanks for the info???

You can never honestly tell with auto’s being cross bred as hybrids , some might do well , but there is a possibility one might not survived the stress , it can go either way !

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The conventional wisdom on Auto Flowering is to not top as it will stunt the growth. That happens with all plants when you top, but atuo’s have a definitive life span and that is it. The Photo period plants have stunting when topped also but you have to option of letting them grow longer if you want to overcome the stunting. That option is not available with the Auto plants. Topping Auto plants will decrease the yield.

I have not seen any information on the newer hybrid strains that yoshi was talking about. It has not shown up in any references for auto flowers yet. I’m not saying he is wrong, I just haven’t seen any information on that yet. Good luck on your grow. Jerry

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Many say do nothing to auto’s. but like evertything one can experiment, generally one doesn’t top until 4th or 5th node. but with the marijuana plant -it can take just about anything you dish out to it -sounds like you want to do something to auto’s - go ahead and experiment you will get results !

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Thanks you guys I’ll try not toping. I’m new at growing only second year…Can I use 10-10-10 will that do good ?I’m pore LOL wat can I make good with

Txgrowman what I meant by being hybrid , the rudellis is cross with another feminized strain to create the auto flower traits of growing automatically from seed to harvest in a short photo period . Now there is , and I quote it was even mentioned with pictures on an auto flower white widow topped at week 4 or 5 right be for the plant goes into preflower and it doubled the size of the other white widow auto flower by at least 100 grams , MacG seen it I’m sure , because he tried finding it previously . Now it’s no hard evidence that topping an auto flower is in fact beneficial , but some have cloned an auto flower , in retrospect should also stun the plant right ?

This might help for auto cultivation:

weeks 1-3 Vegation stage

weeks 4-8 (even 10) weeks flower time

also your 10-10-10 will work OK - remember “auto’s don’t like nutrients as much as other strains. agree with yoshi” do know that there are auto’s that yield 600 to 1000 grams? Will give you of a specific feeding plan if PM me (NPK amounts) Also there are other sites specificly for “auto” plants ( surf the web) this site can also help + other that will help you !!!