Questions about the Oakton ecotestr ph2+

Most of the pens I’ve read about say to use a storage solution. This one says to use a storage solution for “long-term” storage. Since I will be using this every 2-3 days should I still go ahead and use a storage solution? Also, will the 7.0 buffer solution work for storage on this type/model of pen?

Thanks bunches!

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I Personally would keep it In the storage solution even short term. It should keep it more accurate.
The 7.0 solution should be ok for storage but check the bottle to be safe. Some of the 7.0 says right on it that it is ok for storage solution.


Thank you so much for the prompt reply. Headed to the organic store shortly.

Have a good day.


You got it brotha! Happy growing :+1:

I’m with @Jmesser80 it’s a good practice and most of the better one come with a way to keep probes moist

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@Jmesser80, @Countryboyjvd1971 I went to the local organic garden center and picked up some ph7 calibration fluid. The lady there said she just uses hydrogen peroxide as a storage solution for her pens. Does this sound right? So much cheaper than storage solution…

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@SupaWoot I’ve never heard of anyone doing that but that does not mean it is not possible. Maybe @Countryboyjvd1971 knows something about that.

Got a brand new meter on Monday. Today it won’t calibrate. The screen says SLPE Err. The book tells me what the error means, but not how to fix it. Any ideas?