Questions about Strains

I guess the more and more I smoke n grow grow n smoke I’m finding my way through what i prefer and for what purpose. With that being said, I’ve realized that I practically dont like indicas or indica dominant hybrids as I suffer from anxiety and depression and tend to find more sativa strains helpful in keeping me up, creative, and energized. With that in mind, what is the best sativa or hybrid strains to look out for when it comes to a euphoric creative buzz? Rn I’m growing some blueberry autos, tangerine dream, lemon haze and super silver haze already realizing that I’m likely gonna lean on the haze strains heavily and keep the indicas for sick days or relaxing. So again, what’s some top notch sativas out there yall like?

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Maui wowie is a favorite of mine.

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I too suffer from paranoid anxiety with some strains, they give me a sick stomach feeling too. Sadly some sativas can be even worse in this department than indicas. What I have found is that cannabis with natural cbd levels in them ie any plants that have cbd relative to thc will cause less of these feelings. In fact, many high thc pot users buy cbd oils to offset the harsh 30 minutes of anxiety high thc pot gives.
I grew a landrace strain called Balkhi this year, purportedly, this strain contains a nice blend of thc and cbd with some phenotypes exhibiting thcv. Anyway, I grew a few pounds of this stuff and gave a few early samples to friends… lets just say, people want it badly! Even seasoned indoor guys are loving it. I smoked a bit last night… smooth as silk and isnt even cured yet! Tastes wonderful… mild expansion, no anxiety, no paranoia… high is well balanced and you get more high the more you smoke… seems to have no cieling on the stone that I have found?
Now I must say, I had 3 plants, all of which are slightly different. The last one I harvested is very different than the first. May have entirely different effects? The scissor hash from the 1st plant was really nice! Black Afghani flavour, lovely high, nice stone. The scissor hash from the last plant, harvested 2 weeks later, was way stronger bkack hash taste and smell, the high was powerful and way more intense… it did have more anxiety than plant 1 which had none.
The lesson to be learned here is the ratio of thc to cbd will have far reaching consequences on the effect of the cannabis as well as the terpine profile. Those things will not necessarily be the same from plant to plant due to phenotypic expression. So to be honest, I dont think the Sativa, Indica, afghanica thing is what makes a cannabis high anxiety or paranoia as much as the ratio of cbd to thc. Which is why, for me, many of the new strains and hybrids are not compatible with my cannibinoid receptors.


Love the purple haze, a good all around for me


Everyone different my girlfriend has anxiety and ADHD and indicas are her favorite.

Regardless my favorite sativa strain to date is Bruce banner.

I would suggest you look at a website called “compare the strain”
Then type strains in and build your top 10 list on a notepad, everytime you hear a new one compare it with your strains and see if you find it better or worse rated for your adjust your favorites.

For you top strains I would compare are:
Green crack
Durban poison
Jack here

They are much better strains then what you are growing in terms of creativity /energy.
BS blueberry is a indica hybrid your aware right?



Hey good strains indeed. I am familiar that blueberry is an indica. Happy wife happy life they say. That’s also why I also ran two haze strains. Ironically I’m running lemon haze rn for the first time so def looking fwd to that now. Good idea on logging it and really zeroing in. Def should keep some notes on it.


I was genuinely surprised at how blissful zkittles made me for being an indica dominant it is definitely more sativa like

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Aye! Ironically i got a watermelon Zkittlez seedling that came up rn. I’ve also heard that the Zkittlez genetic is extremely loud in flower. Have you experienced that @GreenSnek?

Yes i had two that absolutely would ve smelled up the house if I didn’t use a carbon filter now that they’re curing they really do smell just like a skittle I can’t wait till my bong comes in so that I can get a more flavorful hit (dry smoke loses a lot but its still the smoothest smoke I’ve ever had)

Regardless of which way(s) you go, consider keeping a vegetative/clone tent to keep mother plants. Once you find a particular plant(s) that work for you, you don’t want to lose them. You can flower clones, and keep the specific chemotype indefinitely.


I am finishing out Lemon Haze auto and have been able to harvest one plant so far and I can honestly say this is, hands down, the BEST cannabis we have ever had. I can’t hardly believe I managed this but it was easy peasy. It is in no way cured, I used a Herbs Now dryer, as nowhere to hang the early ending plant as the other four plants I have are finishing up ripening. I can’t imagine how much better this one is going to be in a month or two of curing.

We have a fairly high tolerance and this one hit a lot harder than I expected. A creeper, about 15 minutes in we felt it. But the first couple of tokes there was that feeling of “something is coming on”. I know I feel really, really good and happy after smoking it. Just all around good. And the smell of it? Oh man, is it ever heady. Citrusy and fresh cut pine tree (not lumber) is what we are getting right now.

Being pretty discerning consumers of high end cannabis, I am still pinching myself on this one. Like, “I can grow this, too? I can grow better than what I can buy?” I feel like Sally Fields just won the Oscar.

Our son has told us Lemon Haze is one of his all time favorites.


Look like some smack looking fwd to this lady myself now :grin:

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Congrats now wait till you grow that critical mass!

I wish every smoker could s my blackberry and lsd jars… Or my lemon ak jars they change people’s minds about quality cannabis. People are just blown away cannabis can smell and taste. Like that.

I still get musty skunky and cheese plants and they are all great because to much berry can be a bit much.
I’m thinking I want to grow a true skunk plant Soon.
Like something really skunky lol


I love skunk honestly esp when you get that intense body buzz. These hybrids I have rn are def mediocre. Like middle of the road all the way and idk if the THC content is lower but I’m like meh…got zips of what’s some mediocre flower to me so def looking for my next harvest here in a month or so. I remember smoking strawberry cheesecake thinking eh. Now that I’m out of it I’m like damn! I wish I had just one more nug of it. Had me feeling super creative.

I have some strawberry pie coming from fast buds they want. Me to grow some genetics and post about them so OK!

to many strains not enough time.


Bruh are u doing sponsorships? I’m tryna get there I’m a photographer more than anything tap into this somehow.

Not really I just shared a pic of tow of my finished plants and they were pretty amazing autos if I do say so myself so they offered to send me seeds if I post it on grow dairy. So many people on there have terrible grows so I think they want to show people what’s possible.
I need I tripod… I have a Nikon d3200? Don’t use it much though. Newb me shiuld have got a mirrorless since I travel and hike.

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Dang that’s a good look. I’m trying to get back on the autoflower wave so grabbed a rack of beans from mephistos. Def good to know that getting some support from companies is just as easy as having a good grow.

That’s still a decent camera. Mirrorless is more techie and lighter but not a bad idea to have something that can withstand some drops fumbles and getting banged up a bit esp hiking. I have two dslrs and have no regrets. I also hear the mirrorless cameras being smaller can get to your hands after a while.