Questions about Pure Indica strain

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I bought seeds from ILGM last spring, and I have two questions for you regarding this grow. First, is Pure I a hybrid? It sounds like the antithesis of hybrid, but the reason I ask is that the leaves were VERY thin, as if they were sativa plants. I find the high to be uplifting, not couch lock-ish. I also grew White Widow and Northern Lights, and their leaves were very wide and Indica-ish. Is it possible I got the wrong seeds? Or does Pure Indica have a little sativa DNA in it? Do those skinny leaves always indicate a sativa plant? Second, I am very sensitive to THC, and I want to grow something for sleep, so for now the N Lights are my favorite. Next spring, I will grow again, and would like advice on what Indica seeds might be lowest in THC that are good for sleep.”


We have Blueberry and Low Ryder autoflower plants growing. From what we have read on I❤GM web site they are both Indica dominant (BB-85% indica and LR-80% indica) and both are around 14% THC. They are both used for stress and trouble sleeping. It says the BB has a stronger high. Overall though, they both sound like they help with sleep. Hope this helps. The good thing about autos is they aren’t light sensitive and the flowering time is relatively shorter as compared to light sensitive plants. They veg for a certain amount of time and go into flower when THEY are ready.