Questions about powdery mildew mine looks different from other posts

From what I have found I am guessing this is powdery mildew. I am following instructions for care from several other posts. I am just looking for confirmation because mine is not large blotches like other pictures. It looks more speckled and spread lightly around the leaf. Mostly along the veins. I used a mix from the ILGM guides and sprayed heavily. Working to get the humidity down and airflow up. Thats hard in a 12 hour dark room while flowering. This is my first grow and I have been struggling with bugs and nutrition, now this. Finally this question Is it ok to smoke leaves like this?


Welcome to the group I’m a new grower so I don’t have the answers yet but I will ask if you can get pictures with white lite blurples don’t let us see what is really there I’m going to tag a couple of experienced growers to your post if you ever need help you just have to put an @ in front of there name like I’m doing now good luck on your grow @Mark0427 @Hellraiser @spyonyou


Even with the blurple it really looks like spider mites to me.
A focused pic in natural light would help confirm but it looks like some fine webbing on the leaf in bottom pic.


Here is a leaf i took before I sprayed. I have previously sprayed for bugs but have a lot of trouble getting them on the leaf bottoms. I have some ladybugs on order.

I wouldn’t smoke them like that. Maybe after a peroxide wash. Wait for some experts to answer

Could you post a picture of the entire plant under natural light? It’s hard to really see under the blurple light.

IMO, even under the blurple, that looks like major thrip damage.

If it is….the lady bugs you have coming should do the job!

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Not mildew, it’s bugs and bug damage. Time for Capt Jacks Dead Bug spray.

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I don’t smoke leaves, and definitely would not smoke leaves that looked like that.


That is one serious affliction. I mean infestation.

I like using Ladybugs for my garden and my plants I buy 1500 for $20 and release them in the early evening. Some in each greenhouse then the rest out in my garden. If your growing indoors release them right after lights out. Gives them time to acclimate and find hiding places before the lights come back on. I use them as a preventative measure. If there’s no food they’ll either leave or starve.

This is really frustrating after watching my babies grow for so long. So much anticipation and now fear its all going to fail. The lady bugs are on. 1500 on 4 plants in a 2x3ft indoor growing space. They dont seem very interested in the plants. Starting to wonder if I should stop worrying and just get these through to harvest in a few weeks. Comment about not smoking leaves has me wondering if ALL of the leaves are supposed to be trimmed off in the curing and drying stages. Even buds have leaves dont they? Proton mail will not shrink pictures so I am putting one in here.

Definitely looks like the plant revegged. What lighting schedule do you have them on? Also, why are the leaves wet? That’s asking for bud rot.

Some people remove all the leaves at harvest (wet trim) and others prefer to remove leaves after the bud has dried (dry trim).

I personally prefer a wet trim (I live in a humid state). I remove all the leaves and keep my sugar leaves for edibles.

If the lady bugs are not working, get a bottle of Captain Jacks Dead Bug. It is safe to use on buds. Apply when your lights go off. I just got a bottle at Walmart for $5.

Edit: the captain jacks might kill the lady bugs. Is there a way you can save them and put the lady bugs outside first?

Sorry for the delay. They are on 12 /12. They are wet because i spray water on them before loosing the lady bugs. The wet and dry trim are concepts I have not found out about yet. are there links to appropriate threads? I have some captain jacks ordered. Other stuff i tried seemed to fail because the bugs are under the leaves. Too hard to get consistent spray under the leaves. Instead of ad nitrogen, Magnesium, patassium, etc separately, isnt there a commercial nutrient that would be at big box stores and work?