Questions about plant stretching

Hey guys so I have a quick question. My Girl Scout plant has stretched about 10 inches in the past 2 weeks and is very close to hitting the light. I thought I stopped it early enough but I guess not and it is not in the mood to be stretched. It refuses to bend. Is there anyway to resolve this or do I just have to let nature take its course? It is not an auto flower either.

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Supercropping, if you can’t raise your light any higher. Just grab ahold of the stem/branches where you were trying to bend em, and give them a good hard squeeze. You can feel the tissue softening/giving way and you’ll sometimes have a choice to just let it go soft/sorta limp without snapping anything in half. Or you could go the route I went (on accident) and just snap that sucker right in half. :rofl:

Here’s a good visual of what I mean: Supercrop - here we go

Google around some about supercropping - or more likely than not someone with actual intentional experience will be able to chime in

How did you ever find that thread? It certainly didn’t get much traffic.
Still bending them


It was perfect for me. Tools, method, photos. I just searched for “supercropping” and bam. The best visual guide I could hope for.

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Thank you. I was just messing around and threw it out there.