Questions about Nutrions

Hey fellas,
since I’m slowly turning into the stage of starting to give my girls nutrients, I ask myself what do I have to know about them and which rules of thumb can I follow? My 2 biggest plants are now around 1-2 weeks old and like 2 cm tall.
I bought this as my nutrition pack: nutrions
It’s in German but translated they are Called Hesi Starter Kit Soil.
Is anyone trusted with this pack?
To be honest I don’t paid for it by now I still have to so I have to opportunity to cancel the order. Should I? Maybe another pack would be easier or better.

It’s my first grow and I want to make sure so I don’t give too much or too fewer nutrients to my plants.
I have an ml syringe since I heard its a good way to dispense the nutrients.
Thanks for the help

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@Verdant I think as long as it’s recommended for cannabis you’ll be okay. Start low dosage at first.


Okay cool good to know.

I got this in my soil where can I know now how much nutrients they still need ?
The nutrients are in German. I can translate them if needed

Like @Covertgrower said, start at about half strength. You can always add more but you can’t take away


@Verdant I can roughly translate German. Basically it has some nutrients in it, which is fine. However when it comes to feeding them a certain amount, I can’t answer that.
The nutrients that you’ll be using, just follow the manufacturers schedule, start out with a 1/4 dose, then increase as needed. This is a rough guess, you never want to over do it, and your environmental grow conditions may vary.
I hope it helps. If you have more questions just fire away.


Use extreme caution if you a nutrients now your plants are still very young and the soil already has nutrients in it. It would be very easy to burn your babies at this stage of their life you probably don’t need nutrients yet


Yes I will do that. Sounds good to me thanks.

Yes same thought here. I will keep then off for now. To be honest I will first need to pay the order so it comes anyways lol.

Okay I’m so happy I did some research. If I wouldn’t have found this forum I guess my girls would be in the graveyard I wouldn’t even know why. Okay I will look what the pack is saying to me. As soon as I got I will send you a picture.
Funny enough you still got some meaning put of the German picture. Pretty stupid from me uploading it lol.
Yes right now I’m more worried about my air conditing. You have some knowledge about that too ?
Thanks for the great help.

What do you want to know about air conditioning @verdant
For relative humidity you want:
50% and above for veg
40% and lower for flower. Lower the better. I’ve gotten mine down to 20%, which is great because it helps produce trichomes with the lower humidity.
Keep the questions coming.

Mate i will make me list and bombard you with questions.
Im currently working on it. I got so many. Im worried my girlfriend thinks I lost intrest in her lol.
I will write to you if im done.


Hey mate, @Covertgrower
I made my mind up and that’s my questions which currently make me go crazy.

  • So you said humidity is an important factor right, I will have to buy a tool for that I guess.
  • pH is pretty obvious and self-explanatory to me
  • air conditioning and co2 is a mystery for me tho
    I got a fan on the ground blowing in the opposite direction that Good enough for the start? I heard I should buy a second one and put it a bit higher to get a breeze on them
    And how can I increase the co2? I heard this is an important factor to increase yields.
  • a question which makes me go mad is which soil should I use? My dad got some good compost but I have no idea if there are good nutrients in there. And otherwise, I have some normal soil which picture I put above.
    Should I buy some better soil which fits better to cannabis growing?
  • Also, a big factor is light intensity. How can I understand that? I got a quantum board 320w dimmable. I learned I should start on lower watt at the beginning and slowly but steadily working up the leader. But what are your suggestions there and which tips could you give me for each grow stage. Veg and flower.
  • Maybe you could already tell but I working to get a big yield since the idea of it makes me happy.
    Any tips for that?
  • I got a second led, a weaker one. I heard putting a led sideways increase the growth that’s right?
  • @dbrn32 gave me the suggestion to grow 4 plants in my 1x1x2 tent andet them veg 5-6 weeks and then flower. What’s your suggestion on that ?
  • My last question. Could I send you a picture of my grow tent? I want to make it look better and more practical maybe you have some suggestion there too

Thanks for the great help and have a good night.


This is adequate to start. The air conditioner can be used as a dehumidifier also, it does remove moisture from the air.

You can potentially increase yields with CO2, but here’s the most important factor, if you don’t have enough light, this won’t do a thing. You’re just wasting time, and finances. You also have to have a sealed room for this to effective, and a monitoring device to make sure you’re over certain amounts of parts per million.

You can many different kinds of soil for cannabis. Most of use use Fox Farms Ocean Forest for soil. High in nitrogen which is great for vegging, and 3-4 weeks in (approximately) you can start your nutrient schedule. Happy frog by the same company is good too. There are lots of different kinds of soil to choose from, those are just a few examples that I know a lot of people have had great success with. I’m not sure if you’re across the pond, we may have to tag some across the pond growers.

You started out great with this option. In veg first starting out, you can pretty much keep it dimmed as much as you can. Gradually increasing throughout the veg to just under 50%. Flowering you’ll want to keep it dimmed for the stretch, then increase the intensity up to 80% or more. @dbrn32 can follow up and correct me on the settings if needed. Side lighting isn’t necessarily needed as much as top lighting is. If you want or need additional lighting, I recommend suspending it from the top for better coverage.

Send away! I’ll give you my best opinion, and there are others that I’m sure would chime in, that’s what this forum is all about. @Verdant


This is Like Chirstmas.
I will scan through my suggestion and make a Plan. I love to forget things lol. Bad habit of mine.
Thanks for the great help. This forum is a blessing


I read them threw, and Im kinda out of questions, now. I will send you the picutres tomorrow and now im mostly excited about starting to get my new lamp in which is coming in a few days and then learning about tricks how to increase yields. I will buy these things becuase I think they are nesescarry. Correct me if im wrong

  • Another little fan
  • a digital ph pen
  • a ph up / down
    and thats pretty much it.
    Tell me if i missed out on something.
    Again thanks for the great help

Just 5 gallon fabric pots to grow them in @Verdant

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If you anticipate critters being an issue, you might prep for that, in case. Organic soil and the things you put in it for your plants tend to attract bugs, as do the plants themselves. It’s not a need, just might be nice to have something on hand if the need arises. And I’m by no means a bug expert, just a thought.


So here are the pictures. I want to make it look more elegant and practical.


If you’re tying up your seedling for support, you should lower the light to keep the stretch minimum. @Verdant

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