Questions about my crop

Have some pictures of my outdoor plant. Have a few questions about them.

  1. Should I be treating my plant with some sort of bug killer, if so what kind? The buds look good. The leaves seem to be the only thing effected.
  2. The plants started budding around Aug. 20th, how much longer before I harvest?
  3. Is there anything I need to do, like add any type of fertilizer at this stage?
    Please off any suggestion that may be helpful this is my first plants I have grown. Very new at this. Thanks Uploading: IMG_3775.JPG… Uploading: IMG_3778.JPG… Uploading: IMG_3780.JPG… Uploading: IMG_3784.JPG… Uploading: IMG_3786.JPG… Uploading: IMG_3787.JPG… Uploading: IMG_3788.JPG…
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Captain jacks dead bug, or spinosad equivalent is safe for flowering. It’s a Bacteria solution that kills the bugs from the inside out.

@Covertgrower Thanks. Just ordered it.

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