Questions about my 5 week old buds

Hey guys. So my plant has been flowering for about 5 weeks now and I’d say there is easily another 5 to go. The plant itself overall is beautiful and I’ve been battling nutrient burn a little bit lately. My biggest concern is that it doesn’t smell the way I thought it would lol it doesn’t smell all that appealing to be honest it’s just different and I don’t know how to explain it. I have completely changed my feeding schedule to once a week at half strength because for whatever reason she is overly sensitive. I am using fox farm soil with trio. I’ve been feeding her regular water throughout the week when necessary except for her one feeding day which is wednesdays. What can I expect in the weeks to come? Will it ever smell like actual weed? Lol is it normal around this time for the hairs to start turning orange?


Quite normal especially depending on the strain. Some turn orange/amber, others brownish. It’s the older pistils, they only live so long before they die off and they’re replaced. You’ve still got some time before the smell kicks in. Looks to be around halfway through flowering. Some plants won’t get loud until they’re cured.


As Bobby said.

Just wanted to add your plant is very frosty looking and nice what strian is it and whos the breeder?
You should be proud, well done keep it up.


Good to know! I get worried some times lol

Thank you I appreciate it! So it’s from a medicinal grower Theraplant. The strain is called “avengiva” and I found it in a batch I picked up from the dispensary. Figured I’d give it a shot and what’s the worst that could happen :man_shrugging: Lol it tested at 30% when I picked it up and it’s a hybrid cross of sour diesel x Bruce banner known as “sour hulk”

Do you know how to cut clones? You should try and cut a couple clones (because sometimes one or two arnt successful) and continue to grow the strain.

Watch some YouTube’s on how to cut clones, put the clones in a clear glass of tap water, wait for them to build some roots and then plant them in a medium. Ensure they are getting 18hr of light (doesn’t have to be strong light could be a cheap 20$ amazon thing to start)

Your lucky it was female often those seed will be herm seeds.
If I was you I would really try and preserve that genetic at least for one more harvest.

Good dispensarie bud will have been selected by a head grower, often they plant a 100+ seeds to isolate an find an ide phenotype.
So you could be growing some really top shelf stuff. Which will only get better as you become a better grower.


Thank you man I’m definitely gonna look into it. It’s something I’ve wanted to experiment with and I’ve been very lucky with this plant from day one. I at first thought she was a male because of how quickly she was growing and I didn’t believe that I was gonna get the outcome I did but I figured it was worth a shot lol especially for my first time .


Again, looking really frosty she’s going to swell nicely. Keep up the great work and go cut some clones.


Those look real good! Sometimes the true smell won’t show until harvest or even after a cure. Is it avengiva or sour hulk though? Weren’t too clear about that haha


Beautiful plant, as all Elise have mentioned the smell will continue and will be predominant in late flower or once you start curing them. Again well done :love_you_gesture:


I’m glad this guy said something because I’m on my 5th or 6th week and I was saying the same thing it smells like weed in the living room cuz I just smoked a joint but it doesn’t smell too weedy in the tents LOL thanks everybody

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Thank you I appreciate every bit of info you provided me with

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Hey so it’s weird how the dispensary near me does it lol. The bud comes labeled as “avengiva” but there is a dashboard available online for you to see what the strain actually is and it’s sour hulk. No idea why they give it their own name but they do

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Awesome good to know I was getting worried lol.

No problem, your welcome