Questions about mother plants

I’m planning the next stage of my new hobby. I want to start cloning at some point. I have successfully cloned, albeit experimentally, but I understand how to clone. My questions are about caring for my mothers.

When I get my mother plants established, do I just continue feeding them veg nutrients or do I need to change their feeding to maintain them?

If I prune my mothers to control their size, will this cause any problems? My mother tent will be rather small.

Lastly, I will have my mom plants in 5 gallon fabric pots. Will I still have to worry about root binding? If they do get rootbound, is there something I can do about it other than transplanting to bigger pots?

Mother plants in my option is a pain at first you have to constantly trim crop tie bend and yes you keep light to the veg length frame and I’ve had to change nuits a little


Longest I’ve ever kept a mother was 2-3 grows

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Take clones from your mother plant, but take more than you need. root the clones and keep the best healthiest clone and make it your new mother. That way you dont let them get too rootbound and suffer from nutrient build ups in the medium. Keep your mothers on a 18 on 6 off light schedule and feed veg nutes exclusively. By taking clones off a mother you are effectively pruning it anyway., just dont take more than 30% off the mother at any 1 time.


@SilentHippie have u started this yet? Im definitely in

@BigDaddyCain Yeah that’s right. Don’t overfeed her.

No I haven’t started. I have 4 strains that I haven’t tried yet. I’m going to grow them next run and decide which ones I like best. I’ll probably try it grow after next.

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