Questions about molasses

Just see what everones thoughts was on giving plants molasses to plants iv heard of people doing it and is there any benefit from it and heard not to use to much of it


Yes, molasses feeds the beneficial microbes in your soil and I use it on non feed days along with Epsom salts. 5ml or 1 teaspoon of each is what I use. I also ripen using the same formula and discontinue the Epsom salts a few waterings before I chop down :v::bear:


Thank u for the info im thanking of adding it to my grow but i no it can mess the soils ph up so im not to shur just yet

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I’ve used it as well, with all good results. I’ve heard it will clog pumps/foam in hydro, but I’ve only grown in soil.

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I use 1 tbspn molasses for 4 gallons every other feed during flower. I use earth juice nutes and bubble for 24 hrs. It seems to increase the bacterial slime in my buckets when I use it.

I’ve heard it can crust up your soil, so I’ve been careful. It supposedly can attract pests as well in outdoor grows.

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Yeah, I don’t use it on my outdoor grows. But it hasn’t left any build up or residue on my indoor Promix, coco or soil grows.


Make sure it’s the un sulphered type.

Thank u im going to give it a shot im going to every other watering to see if that work for me iv heard u can eather put it in nut or just water whats best


Molasses isn’t the best source of marijuana carbohydrates.
One reason is molasses is too thick to be used in hydroponics systems, especially in pure hydroponics such as deep water culture and aeroponics. Or soil for that matter.

It isn’t particularly helpful in soil either. It clogs up your soil, thus depriving roots of oxygen, moisture, and space to grow.

Molasses often contains sulfur and other materials that interfere with your feed program and can harm plant health.
Also, molasses varies in quality and consistency even in the most expensive organic brands.
You never really know what you’re getting.
The other reasons for not using molasses is that carbohydrates come in many different forms, and some forms are a lot better for marijuana plants than others. Like molasses.

Hope this answer’s your question So in shot form ( DON’T USE IT )



Ya iv also been looking in to bush doctor kargaroots and bembe to add to my nuts i was thanking molasses would work for me untill i can afford them just not shur i was going to try it but im getting different answer about it so im not shur if i should try it or not i may just wait till i get my other nuts

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I build my own soil and have been having overwhelming results and now taking it one more step by adding micro’s , fungi and other carbohydrate’s to increase plant growth and yield.
I to used the molasses deal and all that other stuff but nothing work best that what the plant really needs to grow.

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Ya i thought about making my own soil but not shur where to even start iv been looking in to it for a wile just dont no a good blend to even start and dont no how much it would cost me to start

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Well then, this is your lucky day cause your talking to the man with the plain … lmao
Sorry I had to say that. I have just the thing for you to get started with. It’s very simple and not that expensive to get started. And the best thing is not only do you grow awesome plants that you thought you couldn’t do but with less effort . You can get started by buying a little hear and a little there not all at once that’s how and what I did until I was ready.

Thats what i was thanking of doing just buy a little at a time but just dont no where to start iv heard a lot of good things about making your own soil plants do so much better

Ronnie, hey I can call you Ronnie wright ?

Here is a link to my journal. At the very top there is a list for making your own soil. It’s set up for a small grow so it should be just the thing to get you started. just copy it and paste to to youe file called My Soil Grow or something like that.

Any way check out the journal and you’ll see what i’m talking about. I’m sure you’ll love it.
Let me know after you have checked it out … ok ?

Thank u much appreciated im going to start working on getting everything os is that for flower or is it for both veg and flower and after making it all i shold have to do is ph my water right and should i check my ppms as the grow goes on and is there any type of soil u add to all the othere stuff or just add it all together

That is for veg and flower, I’ll have to go over it with ya so that you mix the flower first and put it in you grow bag or pot first then your veg mix which go’s on top.
Your seedlings get their own mix as well, It’s vey simple, I use M G potting soil for seedlings it’s very low in N P K then I mix it with worm castings and a little Bat Guano must be (MEXICAN
( Sorry about the caps when I saw the cap’s I said screw it not doing it over Sorry )


That sounds good i will probably have question so if u dont mind i will ask but i have to get all the suff first but when i do i will let u now so u can explain it to me u dont no how long iv wanted to do this i no a few people how make there own soil and there plants look so much better then mine and get a better yeld then me to thank you so much

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And when your ready and you get to planting they will be looking at your plants and asking you my friend. And I will be more than happy to help you in getting started. Just let me Know I’ll be here floating around some where … lol

Sounds good and thank u again i will be talking to u soon