Questions about lsd

hey all my lsd is now 10 wks old the buds are a deep purple in color other pics of lsd show it more green does this sound right for lsd also just cut a bud for under microspope and the tries are still clear got a couple more wks but the tips on some are pink in color any coments also the buds are super sticky hard to trim the buds would it be ok when i harvest to hang whole plant for a while then trim and hang branches here are some pics if helpful thank to all this is my second indoor grow first was zittles and wowit was great got

4 oz dried


First off your plants are BEAUTIFUL! Second yes I’ve heard of the lsds being that purplish color it’s got a lot to do with temperature and the time of year I think I’ve read… but they should be fine. And the hanging situation not really sure on but you should be fine to hang and cut what order you want to do it in is completely up to you different people have different preferences.


thanks joe318 im growing in a 2x2x4 tent just 1 plant the buds are just so sticky just wondering if a should dry out a little before i trim the one bud i trimed the leaves jut kept sticking to the sissors but hey thanks for the reply

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Nice buds growmie!!! The more leaves left after chop, the slower the dry. Makes for a less harsh smoke. I take big leaves, and leave all sugar leaves and any bigger than a couple inches. Wouldn’t worry a bit about purple buds, sometimes you get lucky! Way to go!


It dries slower if hung as whole. stems hold a lot of moisture… Dry slowwwww as you go. Happy Harvest


I do a kind of hybrid trim I like to get most of the big stuff off first then hang and let dry
Beautiful plant happy harvest

Plants look beautiful!!!

Love this cultivar, it’s a great smoke. And as for the purple, yes in a cooler environment (when I get the colors, low to mid 60s at night and high 60s to low 70s in the day with an RH of 48-54%) they will turn purple-ish.

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thanks for all the responce i think ill go ahead and cut the bigger leaves and hang the branches seperate yea want to dry quicker cant wait to smoke it i guess i can do a better trim after dry happy smoking to all

All great responses. I love when I start seeing some color… I wonder how can I get hues of blue ???

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