Questions about lighting distant

A question of a fellow grower:

I want to offer strains that address the largest medical concerns for my state. Number one being the opioid addiction. Alzheimer’s, chronic pain, bone cancer and chronic fatigue. I personally would like something that helps with IBS and headaches.

I also have tones of questions about lighting distant from the plants without burning them.
How to prepare the pots I choose five gallon buckets if I put a medium like rocks in the bottom should I still need to drill holes in the bottom? I was thinking three inches of rock six of peat and gardening soil this is what my budget can afford. I’m going with fluorescent grow lights and hear that I should add blue lighting to the final flowering stage???

And just out of curiosity I heard once about a lady that would put a banana and an egg on top of the rocks before filling with dirt she grows amazing tomatoes and roses in the pots and never had to feed the soil. Would that work for pot? Have you ever heard of anyone doing it? I know it’s silly I just found it interesting with its simplicity. I’m sure this is more then you hoped for.

It depends on whitch Light Source you use. LED, HPS, CFL ect.

At the final stage of flowering u need more red light.

If I could offer some advice, read the “guides” on this site (top right) and forget everything you ever knew about growing tomatoes :wink: No rocks for starters, that just eats up space where you could have more dirt for roots. Fabric pots are the go-to for most and provide what the rocks do in a plastic pot.

Also, figure out what your end goal is, and how much time or money you want to invest. People on here can point you in the right direction so you don’t end up disappointed in the results.

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One more suggestion if i may…

Join us here. That way you can reply. And ask more followups. I can tell by the message u probably have more questions then when you started typing. Make a screen name. Pull up a seat and a notepad. N get to reading and asking


To grow what you are looking for , you need to do what @PurpNGold74 suggests if you are just starting research everything especially grow setup , lighting, and area management it will save problems later. This site is full of guides free to browse anytime and its free…