Questions About Late Flower

My fem plant is now 8 weeks into flower and I’ve noticed that she is starting to bulk up now. Is it correct that calyx production has stopped and calyx swelling is responsible for the bulking?

I expect I have about 2 weeks left, so I assume that the swelling is a good indication that now is a good time to start a slow flush (just RO water from here on out.) Is this a good assumption?

Thanks, and I hope you are all doing well.


@MidwestGuy pic?

I don’t want to tell you to do something and see you still have awhile left, you know better then most “ every plant is different!”


The lady is in a SCROG, so I am going to have to slow flush rather than stick it in the tub a couple days before harvest. It’s my first indoor harvest, so I’ve never actually flushed.


I do normal tap water and ph it up into the high 8’s for the last week or two. If that were my plant I’d be starting water only too


What’s the thinking behind going with plain tap water?


Because all I’m trying to do is essentially create a lockout in my pot. And normal water will do the trick without having to waste R/O. Just personal preference really


Good thinking!


Nice grow though!! Looks thick

Yeah, the buds are swelling up nicely and she’s loaded with trichs. The trichs are amazing. I’m super happy about it.


You main purpose of flush is to take the flavor of the funky nutrients your using from your plants.

Plain water -helps bring out the natural flavors of the plant

Water with sugars - helps produce a sweeter taste

Water with flavoring - brings out that flavor from the plant in smell and taste!


Sweet (no pun intended.) I’ve actually been adding a tsp of molasses/gal every 3rd watering for a few weeks to feed the soil microbes/good bacteria.

@MidwestGuy yes it also feeds the good microbes so they increase in numbers. More microbes means the ability to give the roots more nutrients.

What we don’t think about most of the time is that what you put into you plant you will also taste and smell.

Add diluted juice to your waterings and it can taste and smell like that dilution

Add concentrated flavoring to the watering and it can smell it taste like that concentrated flavoring

Same with anything basically .

Add some funky nutrients before your harvest and see if it smells and taste a little like those funky nutrients


Nice looking grow. Thick and frosty!

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