Questions about harvest auto

hi I have this little auto i don’t know the strain she is old 2months and half or less maybe she stop veg in 4 weeks and turn make buds. I didn’t lst it.i just want to know should i increase nutrients bloom does? Should I give my plant 48hr darkness before flash and harvest? And am wondering if the buds will get big more or autos stop at some point for making buds?


It’s kinda hard to tell in that lighting. What you’re looking for is the pistils to turn colors and start receding. Once that happens you want to check trichomes and look for cloudy with a small amount of amber. If you have that, you can harvest. You don’t neccesarily need 48 hours darkness, but you will want to harvest them after dark period.


Its up police come to my house so I crush them all before they enter and they didn’t enter am crying now

Is it not legal where you are then? That’s a shame buddy

done the same. i know how it feels :cry:

So sad to hear this. :unamused:

One day it will be legal to grow your own meds anywhere!