Questions about growing

Questions from a fellow grower:

i have some questions about growth.first of all which day should i consider the first of growth?all of my seeds have germinated and are 5-7cm tall until now.
should i change to flowering at the beginning of second or third week and how tall (in cm please)will my plants going to be at that point?
what is the use of the net i have seen in many videos?
i germinated the seeds in very small pots,should i transplant them in the big ones (13lt pots) when they are ready or in a medium size pot first?
and my last question is this,i am in a 18/6 lighting schedule and temp in grow tent is 23-25 C -40-60 humidity at daytime and 19-20 C-80% humidity at nightime.
is this ok or what?

I’ll try to answer , but I’m no expert . Normally you start you calendar days after first set of signature leaves or fully sprouted . Vegging is about 4 weeks from sprout up out of the soil . Don’t start nutrients until your forth week or the fourth alternating node which should be about 4-5 set of leaves . At this point plant should be about 8-12 cm depending on genetics of strain. Now if you transplanting at all it should be done before flowering , normally the second first week or second week after plant has begin to grow roots . Humidity should be 50% - 70% during veg , and in flower less than 45% to bud . Hope this helps. But it’s Friday , so the staff my night respond until Tuesday , this forum is voluntary services but Latewood or Macgyverstoner is the forum staff experts .

The minimum amount of time before inducing flower photo period is 1 month. 2 months is recommended for normal vegetation period.

Do not transplant into 13 liter pots until 2 weeks before scheduled photo period (12/12) change. This will allow for roots to take hold of new soil.

Can anyone tell what strain this may be and if it’s ready or close to harvest for max thc!!! Had a seed and this is what I got …first time growing. Please help

Where did the seed come from? It is nearly impossible to tell what the strain is from a picture alone.

It does look like it is growing very well, check the trichomes to know when it is done. You want them filling up nice and milky with a few of them turning amber. Hair color can be a loose guide, but with the hairs, you might want nearly 100% of them to be turning brown or orange-ish. The hairs are technically known as pistils, the trichomes are sometimes called resign glands or crystals. You will need about at least around 60% magnification to get a real good look inside the trichomes. Depending on preference, you might want around 25%-75% of the tichomes to become amber, instead of just milky. As a general rule, less amber means more up type high and more amber means a more sedative or “couch lock” type high.

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Got seed from a bag was smoking…was good so figured I’d plant the lone seed. So if the hairs are not turning but tori homes are milky and amber would it be ready? Was reading less Amber more milky was high in the with uppity high and if more Amber it’s a couch lock with body high…I ordered a 60x magnifier should have in couple days

It’s an outdoor plant and starting to get cold here in my don’t want it to die!!!

Meant in new york…

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Oh…is there a way to tell what strain they are? Something particular o look for? I think it may be a saliva but really not sure

Not really, assuming it is common bag weed from mexico, it is probably sativa dominant, it might even be related to Acapulco gold, but there is no sure way to know the exact strain. And a lot of the cheaper bag weed from mexico is highly mixed with all kinds of genetics now, the medical stuff from California is often mixed with the less controlled weed being grown by poor dirt farmers in Mexico now-a-days, to try and boost their crops potency.

In general sativas grow tall and lanky with thin fingered leaves and indicas grow shorter and bushier with fatter fingered leaves. Your leaves do look a little more like sativa leaves than indica. But again, a lot of this is anecdotal, especially with hybrids and because of phenotype variances and even epigenetics. And so in the end it really doesn’t say a whole lot about the high or the way the plant will grow or finish over all.


I should mention, on the east coast a lot of street bag weed might be coming through Florida, or other ways more directly from Jamaica or Colombia, in this case their traditional home grown strains are also going to be most likely sativa dominant.

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high mac, so white widow can be harvested when 90% of trichomes are milky? peace out.

You always want ideally 100% of the trichomes milky. Then anywhere , depending on preference, about 10%, 20%, 50% 0r even 80% of the trichomes to have become amber or golden., I’m sorry guys but I don’t know how many different ways to say it, I already have said all this before, in this thread even…

And not to be confused with the hairs (pistils). I know it can be confusing and everyone wanting to call things different names doesn’t help. but here is another thread we recently went through a few different ways to look at it as well: