Questions about grow tent, 5 gal bucket, pruning,, germination and rockwool cubes


Questions from a fellow grower:

  1. Purchased a grow tent. Have carbon filter coming. Does simply opening the vent flaps on the bottom of the grow tent allow enough air in or do I need something separate to pump air into the tent as well? If the vent flaps alone are fine can’t a lot of odor escape by them remaining open?

  2. I plan on using a 5 gal bucket as my grow container. Is it best to drill holes just in just the bottom or around the sides too? Do I build a little platform underneath so water can drip out?

  3. I have got northern lights coming from you guys. I have read about pruning and some people suggest it for Indicas but some say to never prune. What is your recommendation?

  4. As far as germination, I read that instead of direct sowing or paper towel method you can fill a shot glass up with water and just drop the seeds in. Two days later after they popped you can take them out. Is this true? Is it a good method?

  5. I have Rockwool cubes and for my substrate I have coco coir. Is it ok if I start them in Rockwool and then transfer them later to coco? Or should I not mix them like that and start them off from the very beginning in just coco.


With the filter at the top of the tent and the openings at the bottom open, the filter will draw air up through the openings. If you have the openings adjusted right then you will see the sides of the tent bowing slightly inwards. This should be enough air flow through your tent. Also adding a small circulating fan inside will help as well depending in how big your tent is. Hope this helps.


I agree with Pigman BBQ when exhaustion warm stale air out the top of the tent you are also pulling fresh air through the pass through hole at the bottom. You will need to add a speed control on your fan so you can adjust the speed of the fan up or down to meet your needs. Good luck