Questions about Grow Container Size

Im old school and i havent grown in years. Im here and there on this forum asking this and that. As i read here and there i see things have changed for the better.
Ok, so my question here tonight is what happened to the “a gallon is good for each month of growth”.
Im just a guy that is curious and the only way i see to learn is ask questions or even better, hands on but hands on isnt a option atm.
Thank you guys for any of your advice on this

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We may be seeing some hybrids that require lots of roots. I do know that I have done 5 month plants in 10 gallon (or larger) and had a completely full root ball. Bigger roots; bigger fruits. Maybe not always true but doesn’t hurt.


I’m doing 5 months in 5 gallons but I’ve been thinking of going to 10. Once I feel they’re maximizing the pot I switch to flower

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For indoor growing of photos, I use 7 gal fabric pots. It seems to give plenty of room for roots and lets the plants flower well without having to water every 2 days.
I grow 6 plants in a 4’x8’, just to give you an indication of size. Average start to finish is 5 months. Sometimes a bit longer for Sativas.