Questions about foliar feeding

Was wanting info on the difference between foliar feeding and regular feeding. Which is best? Should I be doing both? How often and when is foliar feeding required? If foliar feeding, what strength water soluble nutes should i use? Anyone have links or info they can share?

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Hey @Drillbit welcome
I do my foliar seperate from my water in nutes
I do my foliar sprays through veg mostly
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I only do it when new clones don’t have any roots yet, for about 15 days. After that they have plenty of functional roots.


@Drillbit there are products specifically designed to be used as a foliar feed, and others are designed for both foliar and soil application. I would recommend following the manaufactures instructions because there are so many different kinds. If you have a specific product, we can give you direction from there.
For example, fox farms has a flowers kiss, which is a foliar feed specific product. The general recommendation is to foliar feed during veg only, once pistils start forming (photoperiod or autoflower) you cease the foliar feeding, so as to prevent mold issues and other reasons.
Another general rule no matter the nutrient application, start 1/4 strength and go work your way up. Soil or foliar feeding. It’s difficult to solve the issues created by over nutrient application.
I know this isn’t a direct answer, but I hope it gives you a general idea. Welcome to ILGM.
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@Covertgrower, was planning on using Peter’s 20-20-20. Ive read that it works great(during veg) with the super skunk fem strain both in soil and hydroponically.