Questions about feeding, soil etc

Some questions from a fellow grower:

could u please tell me how to grow snow ryder plants?
when to feed them
how much i feed them when their seedlings
how much to feed them wot is the best feed for them
how often i increase the feed in take and how tall they will grow
and is bio biz all mix soil from hydro shop any good and ios an aerogarden any good for growing them in a

is miracle grow and baby bio mixed in the same tank any good
and plant revive and a root stimulator all mixed in the same tank any good
and ive had a problem with my seedlings bending over like they have just been snaped in half can u tell me why they have done that
and how often i water them and is it write the ph should be beetween 5.5 and 6.5
and is it a good idea to put a fishtank heater in the tank to warm the water up a bit
oh and 1 more thing isorignail white widow auto easy to grow and how tall does it grow to

A whole lot of these kind of things might be answered looking around the forum and reading the book.

You have a ton of questions, maybe if you could clear them up a little, some don’t maybe go together, like how often to water if you are growing in a tank that might be heated?

A heater might be needed if the reservoir tank gets too cold. Ideal hydro DWC temps are 21°C/70°F, no lower than 15°C/59°F and no higher than 24°C/75°F.

And yes pH between 5.5 and 6.5 is best in most all types of growing, soil is best at 6.5 and hydro is best at 5.8.

When growing in soil in a container, you should only water when the soil has nearly completely dried, as judging by the weight of the soil saturated with water and then how it feels totally dry. When it is totally dry, then, and only then you should flood the soil to capacity and then not water again until nearly totally dried out.

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