Questions about Clones

I have five Girl Scout Cookies grown from seed, all female and ready to Flower. From these five, I got sixteen rooted clones and will be taking fifteen more today to root. I’ve never worked with Clones and want to experiment. I want to keep them relatively small, maybe 24" or so. I am planting them in Foxfarm Ocean Forest soil. Here are my questions.

  1. Can I use 1 gallon pots and get the height I want.
  2. Would 3 gallon be better?
  3. I’ll be topping some of them and leaving the rest natural (part of the experiment). When is the best time to top?
  4. How soon after planting can they be put into Flower.
    5.How long to Harvest?
  5. Who wants to help me smoke all of this?

If you want to do true sea of green 1 gal pots and start flower in 2-3 weeks
If you top 3 gal top when you see plenty new growth then add 2 weeks and flower
Clones are ready to flower since they are as old as their mother plant you can even use unrooted to check sex, thing to keep in mind is roots equal fruits so giving them time to root nicely pays off.
They will take as many weeks to finish as their mothers did so as far as harvest that is a question only you can answer

Go with 3 gal buckets. I did 6 generations of white widow clines.

You stated you wanted them to vegg to 24 inches
Well flip them at 24 inches

How long till harvest…no telling…they’ll be ready when there ready

I I would definitely help you smoke…lol


Just remember when you switch to 12/12 flower you will get a growth spurt.