Question regarding humidity packs

I have read through the process of drying and curing my buds when they are ready to harvest. I just ordered the Boveda 62% packs. After the curing process is complete am I supposed to leave the humidity pack in the jar or remove it at that point?

I would cure without Boveda packs. I tried it once and ended up with moldy buds. People also say they are detrimental to aroma.


Yeah, don’t use them during drying and curing. I only use them in the community jars I leave out that are opened a lot so the buds won’t dry out too much. I stopped using them for my stored buds. Once I get my buds dried and cured and around 60RH, the jars stay closed and being air-tight mason jars, don’t need anything to keep up the humidity as it’s not going to change in a “sealed” jar.


Don’t cure them with those packs. Wait till the curing process is done and then toss them in. They will keep the weed from drying out.


Thanks guys.

Also this is important. If the packet starts to get “hard” and you can’t mistake this is when time to replace the pack with a new one. :+1:


I concur, cure without them and then you can use boveda for storage.

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