Question regarding grow tents?

So I’m looking to purchase a Mylar grow tent, I’m not concerned about odor just prefer the indoor setup as it’s easier to monitor/control.
Question 1: do I need an inline exhaust fan?
Question 2: Can a clip on fan alone work?
With either setup are there any recommendations or better setup. This is all for personal confirmation btw

You will most likely need both.

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How big is your tent? Fresh air in, stale hot air out. I think @MrPeat once said he grows with his grow tent open? Which if that you can do, no need for it, IMO.


@Zee My tent is 4x4x80” and yea my tent door is wide open and the door to the room as well. I actually put my tent near the room door since we don’t use it. So its my grow room.

I don’t have a humidifier, dehumidifier nor a inline fan system. What works for me, may not work for you.


You’ll want both an exhaust fan and a circulating fan. The exhaust fan is to remove heat generated in the tent and pull in co2 to replenish what the plants use. The circulating fan will mix the air in the tent so you are not just pulling the fresh air in and straight out.