Question regarding clones

Back in the old days when I grew outside before forums, nutes for cannibis , ect we cloned from the buds. We cut a bud off treated it with a rose powder ( think it was root tone) put in vermiculite and in three months is was an exact replica of it’s parent plant. On the forum everyone is cloning I’m veggie stage.
Just courious


What you did, so before the curve, back in the day… was monster cropping or Monster Cloning.


I had a perpetual indoor garden from '93 - '98 which consisted of a veg/mother room and a flower room.

I had two 4’ mother plants that I kept in continual veg state. The state of the art at that time based on Ed Rosenthal’s books was to take clones from the vegging mother, root them and transfer to the flower room.

This is what I did quite successfully for a number of years. I always rooted the clones by coating the stems with root tone and placing in a 50/50 vermiculite/perlite medium under standard 4’ florescent bulbs.

Until recently, I had never heard of taking a clone from a budding plant but I find it very interesting!!

Interesting because the time it would take to revert to veg growth might give me a chance to have a set of clones ready to replace my flowering plants with no down time.


Wow, guess we were ahead of our time. I do know it was awesome to see a plant same size, same strength as parent plant. Never tried inside but who knows.
Why then would you clone veggie plants if all could be accomplished in less time?


I admit, I have read just a little bit and a couple of monster cropping grow journals therefore, I have very little knowledge. That said, I believe it takes longer for a clone taken in flower to root/veg than it does for a clone taken in veg. A clone taken in veg likely roots in 7-10 days it goes immediately into a growth phase (veg) whereas a clone taken in flower may take the same 7-10 days to root but it is my understanding, then takes quite a few weeks to begin showing signs of vegetative growth as it transforms from flower and reverts to veg growth…


Oh yeah, the bud would look like it was dying before new growth was ever seen. We would grow the under cfls, actually back then just an inside bulb,the transplant outside

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That’s exactly right as it would take two weeks to root and then revert back to veg. Vegging clones are already vegging so they root easier and grow quicker. Monster clones have a higher rate of failure but Should be larger/ bushier than the mom. Basically there is no need to keep an actual mother plant if you monster clone as the clone becomes the mother etc.

@Screwauger @Laurap

@majiktoker has a really good process for cloning and I tagged him and @Countryboyjvd1971 as I think John uses the same technique as Toker does.

When they post their knowledge this time I am going to save it to my computer as I plan on monster cropping as soon as my Gold Leaf is ready which will be in about a month, I suspect!


I use 1/3 of of perilte to 2/3 vermiculite, lightly mist the clones and keep them covered with a Ziploc if in the right environment and the right lights their roots will be well developed by 10 days.

When cloning always cut at a 45 degree angle (I personally shave the ends as it helps for faster rooting) after that I let it soak in clonex gel for about 15-30 seconds roll in EZ clone powder and put in the medium, some times when feeling lazy the just get soaked in the clonex gel still works great.

Using this method Ive had Atleast a 90% success rate

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@Majiktoker would you put them under lights similar to a sprout/ seedling? T5’s or something?


Yea that would be perfect clones dont need much light to start out


I read somewhere a Feminized plant wouldn’t be a good pick for cloning. What about a plant from an Auto Flowering seed?

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Im sorry as i just woke up but Why would you want to clone a male? Its either fem or male & females are all we want unless you want seeds. Ive never done in veg. I’ve only monster cloned

I read somewhere a cloned Feminized plant could possibly turn to a hermi. instead of staying female. Although that goes against the high school and college genetics classes I’ve taken a million years ago. I’ve only tried the Monster Clone Technique as well but I watched folks clone with cuttings from the bottom of the plant and not the bud. I believe bud clones (from the top) used to be called Monster Clones. That’s how we did it in the mid 70’s and with not much luck. I bet a 20% success rate back then for me was being overly optimistic.

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From my understanding if a females hermes those seeds are likely to carry the herme trait.
I also did monster crop in 70s but all mine made it. Back then we had to use rose nutes & fertilizer & you brushed the cut with root tone.

Sounds like you had much better luck with the Monster Cloning back then. I honestly had too many other things on my mind and didn’t put as much thought into growing from clippings as I should have. So you don’t think me using feminized Gold Leaf clippings (or what ever they are called) to make clones will be a problem? I’m really excited with the idea of growing more girls from one to save time, effort and money. Thanks @Laurap

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I think youll be a happy camper cloning those. Havent tried them yet but hear theyll be monsters & awesome smoke or edible ect.