Question: Red hue on stem

Hi Everyone,

I have a beautiful lady that just entered the flowering stage. Yesterday I noted a slight red hue on fan leave stems exposed to light at the top only. I am known to overreact a bit so I’m curious if there is anything to be worried about aside from light position (need to raise it). No other leaves are showing the same symptoms so I’m pretty sure it is minimal at most.



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Using led lights?? If so probably the cause as it looks like its just the top leaves of the plant that i can see i get alot of red purple to the stems and stalks but it is just caused by the led lighting being a bit excessive from my understanding. It can be an issue but dont look as if it is caused by a deficiency

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It is normal and nothing to worry about.

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What @MidwestGuy said.

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Thanks! I have been watching nutrients like a hawk due to using a pre-fertilized soil mixture. I do have an LED light so I’m thinking you are right about that being the cause.

Thanks! Long time lurker but finally decided to take the dive. It has been a great time and I’m a bit surprised that I’ve only had to post a question once so far!

The cause is that it is cannabis and that is what cannabis does and it is normal. Here’s a pic of my current grow with quite colorful stems.