Question re: growing outside full time

Long story short, my husband bought Acapulco Gold from a dispensary 6 weeks ago. They are in 2 1/2 gallon containers right now - and one looks better than the other! They aren’t huge, have started flowering, don’t have any bugs on them (only had aphids for 2 weeks before the spray we used killed them and no re-issues in 3 weeks). So, we live in the high desert nasty hot dry crap of Western Colorado. The plants are indoors at night and when its super frigging hot outside. They are in the shade for the MOST part of when they go outside, and only go in the full sun in the early am (before the heat hits).

BOTH plants have the older leaves burnt - and they were burnt when we first got them. They grew into gorgeous little clones – until they started to flower. Now one curls at the top and it will not uncurl!! The other is still doing really well - no curling issues. I would like for these plants to go outside full time – but he’s afraid if they do, they are going to dry out and die. Should we just keep them indoors, by the back door as we have done for the last 6 weeks - in which they only get evening light?

Here is the best pic of PlantA (my Happy Plant) and PlantB (the trouble sister). Also, the white on the leaves was something that he read online about flour being put on the leaves to protect against aphid infestation. So - ignore it.

Your plant is fully in bloom. It looks like it’s been in bloom for a couple weeks, now.

I honestly don’t know what to tell you. What you’re doing already clearly isn’t making your plants happy, but besides going outside full time or continuing what you’re already doing, do you have the option of setting up an indoor grow space?

Next time you get clones, try to keep them in veg until they’re much bigger & the roots are more developed. Ask your dispensery for more details & growing tips on the specifics of their clones

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A few., random comments. The plants are way too small to be flowering, and they probably are doing that because they didn’t get enough light.

For some reason people often think Cannabis plants are fragile little things. Not true!! I’m at 5,000 ft in dry Nevada and my girls are all at or above 7 ft tall. They’ve done fine in temps of 100 degrees and lows of 38 degrees. Yes, they are Indicas and Sativas probably wouldn’t do as well.

I have my summer grow journal at ‘to the outdoors we grow’. My plants had a shade cloth during Veg. They are inside a tomato cage and then there’s an outer field fence wire all tied to 8 ft ‘T’ posts. If you get the kind of wind I do you’ll want this. My plants have been in winds of 30 mph with gusts of up to 50 mph and there’s no damage.

As for your plants, I think I’d buy a T5 grow light, be careful not to over or under water or feed them and hope they make it. Careful planning helps prevent problems.

They didn’t really have a whole hell of a lot to tell us - and I had to look everything up online - again getting mixed information what works and what doesn’t. These actually were planted by the dispensary before we knew what the roots looked like and when they were transplanted into the bigger containers, their roots looked pretty good. From day 1 they were at the sliding glass door because it has been way too hot and dry and WINDY here to have kept babies like them outside and we had no way to protect them from the heat or wind except to have kept them by the back door. Now we are set up a lot better - but I definitely wont be doing this again.

Oh, don’t give up on growing! You should try starting again, now that you’ve got a better understanding of things.