Question - QBs, Alternatives to Spider farmer and HLG?

I will be in a 5x5 space and don’t want to sacrifice quality by choosing a different board over those two. HLG was way to pricey.Full spectrum i think would be ideal but I know nothing. What has been your preference?

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Mars Hydro TS 1000/2000 lights perform very well, and can be less expensive initially than HLG lights that cover the same area. HLG is budget friendly though, so if you are determined to cover 5’x5’ then you might need to look at HPS lights which are very inexpensive initially.


Just remember crystal the money you spend now will make the grow worth while. If you have to wait and save money you can always just maintain them with somin small like t5’s of cfl’s but the lights is the game changer. Good luck with the grow, read a lot, welcome to the forum & stick around, we all love our weed !!!


Look into KingBrite. I ordered 7 pairs of 240watt QB’s and could not be happier. I run 4 pairs in my 5x5 (960watts total) which is morw than I need but my girls havnt been happier either. I had 2 pairs in my 4x3 but took 1 pair out because 1 pair was enuff in my veg tent.
Allibaba is the distributor. Great servuce and had my lights in about 5or6 days from ordering them. Less than half the price of going thru HLG
Mine are 240watt QB’s lm301h 3500k with reds (same as HLG R-spec)

Here is a look at them @CrystalCaptures

Meanwell dimmable drivers

And as @LoCoRock mentions, start with the rite lights and u wont rgret it.
Hope this helps
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HLG all the way. Looks like my last 3 plants is going to yield over 2.5 lbs. :+1: