Question on when to flip?

My question is about when to flip to 12/12. I’m scrogging 3 plants. 2 of them are just into the screen and one of them is still a couple inches below but super bushy. My grow space is 32"x32" and I don’t want to outgrow my space. I’m reading that plants will double in size after the switch and I’m wondering should I fill the screen and then flip or flip now/soon to fill the screen while in preflower?

Edit, my tent is 63" tall and I still have about 30" above the screen to work with.


You don’t want to flip now, but you don’t want to wait til screen is completely full either.

I would shoot for somewhere between 60 and 75% full on the screen. Then continue to tuck through stretch. About the time they stop stretching the screen should be about full. Then you can go ahead and start clearing the stuff that didn’t make it to the top.


What are you using for lights?

That’s what it really comes down to once you place the screen.

If you tuck them till the screen is 75% full then flip you should be fine.


I’m following his journal, pretty sure two mars 600 in something like a 3x3 tent.


any idea what MARS says the height above canopy is? My generic chart says 2.5 to 3 feet above the canopy.

If his SCROG is only 3 feet from his lights he is gonna be tight? .

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Shouldn’t be. If he runs the scrog properly his veg growth shouldn’t ever be more than a couple of inches above the net before it’s tucked. Keeping him in the 2-2.5 feet range. If he leaves room to tuck the majority of stretch, that should leave him with bud sites only above net, and probably 18” or so between tops and lights by the time they finish. Which should be ideal flowering distance anyway.

It could be an issue if they were flipped when the screen was already full. Or if veg growth isn’t tucked properly. But that goes as to using any method properly. And know kind of why I suggested 60-75% of net fill. If you’re going to make a mistake, it’s probably better to have some empty space over running your colas all the way to the light.


Sorry it took so long to reply. The buckeyes were giving me a coronary. 2 mars 600s at about 24" above the screen. I want to fill the screen for the moist yield but also don’t wanna get in trouble with the small space. Thanks for the advice! :sunglasses:
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