Question on what’s the beat temp to have for sprouting From seeding?

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I have the mat that’s heated and I can control the temperature of that and I got my babies in their spots with the dome over it an blacked out too.and it’s humid in moist I just want to know what’s the best temperature for the seedling to not to hot or cold . Because last year when I did the germination I didn’t get a heatedbpaid till it was to late and the bruc bannner it got a little too cold and for them and I know everyone busy w harvesting :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::raised_hands::crossed_fingers:but 4 Bruce banners didn’t germinate. so I don’t want that happpen. And it I believe cux they got to cold and .but in this next time cause ,!I put in and some of the last the good seeeds soo all eggs in one basket kinda thiNg of the good I got left .And I don’t meed or want to fuck it up lol…I’ve learned from my mistakes this past time.-and my grow journal :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::raised_hands: if I can get them out of the their shells W lil baby rooting … i’ve pretty much got it from there LOL knock on wood haha :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::pray::pray::pray::pray: SO WHAT IS A GOOD TEMPERATURE to set cuz it’s stRtes to get cold by me and it’s easier to control the heat in the Cold
the heating paid that I got it And it’s a vivosun heating pad w temp gauge. I’ve been having them on now At 80F so is 78 -80* F. Let me know what works best for u all or if I’m to hot already :joy::joy::sunglasses::nerd_face:)
Thank you all-

I’m around the same temp range 78-80 degrees

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