Question on watering

I have two plants that are 1 week old today. So far, they are looking very healthy. Their cotyledons are still green, the first true leaves look good, and they are both starting their second sets. Up to now, I’ve been misting the soil 2 or 3 times daily with 6.5 Ph distilled water in Miracle No seed starting mix.

My question is: When should I start watering to runoff? I haven’t checked Ph of my runoff because there hasn’t been any and I’d like to start using Rapid Start root enhancer but not until I can water to runoff.


great question @SilentHippie
imo, 4th or 5th node for nutes…but as far as watering with rapid start i’m not sure…lol
i use superthrive while that young with no problems,if you are able to get medium dry quickly with fan i do not see why you couldn’t water until runnoft…lol
anyways hopefully more folks will share their knowledge on this…



Thanks for the reply. Sorry misread your post and deleted my first reply.

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I honestly do not know but like @BIGE said, it’s a great question @SilentHippie

I look forward to more input from the crew. @Rugar89 @bob31 @Patsbasement


I’m with @BIGE I usually water sparingly to 3-4th node then start watering to runoff!

I use super thrive as well. Once or twice when young or transplant. I have two sprouts that are like a week old and starting to hint at second node and I’m still spraying them for one more day I think.


@bob31 @BIGE

Thanks for the reinforcement. Things have been going well, thanks to all of your help and I don’t want to break what’s working.

I’ll have some pics and an update in my journal tomorrow morning. Stop by and have a look. :v:

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