Question on Virginia Patient Database


I have a serious question on the Database Virginia must have because they make us register for a card.

I just would like to know who the law allows Virginia to share that database. I cant find any direction in the law and the newly created department doesnt seem to answer emails. It doesn’t seem as if the database is protected by HIPPA, because it doesn’t say you are using it just says you have registered for a card.

I must complete federal TSA, FBI, and CBP background investigations for my employment. This employment is not by a federal company but a Virginia company. We must have medical evals every two years. We are not drug screened but we sign a hippa disclosure and Virginia Marijuana prescriptions and listed on a shared narcotics prescription database.

I am fine with the company knowing, I am not fine with the background checking it.

Any insights would be great.

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Hmm is Marijuana regulated by your State Health Department? I know ours is being overseen and regulated by MSDH. And I absolutely couldnt see them not HIPPA certifying that database.

Sorry I have no input but im intrigued


you would think they wouldn’t share it, with the ATF i see


Yea… that is true. Dang


Thats my issue, i cant find out who that database is legally allowed to be shared with.

In VA, our prescription (done by the dispensary) and doctors recommendation letter are protected. The Card is protected. I am concerned about the database that says one registeted. That is handled by the Virginia Department of Health Professionals. You register like you are a doctor or pharmacist apply for a license.

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The card and prescriptions (what you have bought) are in protected databases. The amount and type is in medical narcotics prescription sharing database. The department that handles Registration is Virginia Department of Health Professionals.

i would definitely check into it, my state just approved medical Marijuana but i wont get it, im not giving up buying firearms.


I have been exhuastingly checking into it. I have a letter from doctor, but refuse to register for the card until i know.

Was hoping a legal expert or lawyer would see this.

Maybe shoot an email off to VaNorml or check out their site and see if they have an answer.
You’re probably more likely to hear back from them than the state.


I did. Them…MPP…a couple lawyers…this is such a shame, but i think it was designed to be this way.

they must share it with someone because you can’t have a medical card and concealed carry permit (legally) in va which is bullshit


I may have one of them too. I just want to know who and what agencies have access.

If you know someone else with a medical card, looks like they could name you as a caregiver. Maybe that’s a workaround for you?

Yeah, but I would still have to be registered with Department of Health Professionals. That is my database of concern.

So VANorml did get back with me here is the quote.

" No. The only access to patient information is via the Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP), which is accessible by pharmacies and some healthcare providers. PMP shows which products a patient has purchased."

I am going to ask again more clearly. According to this information, VA only shares with the prescription monitoring program. This program does share with the Federal Military Health System.

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when i go to the VA and they always do the check to see if youre doctor shopping for meds before they refill my meds

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I meant Virginia…not the VA. I go to the VA as well (I noticed you come from the “Battery” and not the “Company” world, but Virginia and all other states that participate in the PMP…prescription management program…do share medical marijuana info with the VA health System and Military Health System.


i know what you meant lol. i was just saying the VHA does that, you can use medical Marijuana they just wont prescribe narcodics to you, like im prescribed Klonopin they look to see if im prescribed it from other doctors and they will not prescribe it to me if i use any kind of drugs. i am piss tested for every refill. Soon i will be telling them that im done with the Klonopin and im going to smoke weed

lol same world different names. Thank you for your service.


U too. Thanks for your service


what was your MOS?