Question on using trellis net for SCROG

I initially purchased an elastic trellis net off Amazon for my 4x4 tent, but I didn’t like how the sides of the net curved away from the sides of the tent…

Went to Menards and found a nylon trellis net. I zip-tied this to the 4 tent poles and now have the wall-to-wall canopy that I was looking for … but the net isn’t really sturdy enough to bend/manipulate branches, at least not to my eyes. I’m not sure if it even matters? But I would greatly appreciate any input. Here’s a current snapshot of my ladies who will have their first 12 hour evening of darkness tonight!!


@OG_Kenobi. They’re going to stretch quite a bit in the next few weeks after the flip.
They will pull up on the net so a little bit of slack won’t hurt.
I’d just tie them over to the top of it and let them come up from there.
And btw. Your time to manipulate them is gettin short. The stems are going to harden up more.
Any chance you could put something between the poles to tie off the net sides to ? :thinking:
Just a thought. :wink::+1::v:


@Oldguy you are absolutely right! The stems are already pretty strong and the net doesn’t do much of anything.

This grow is my maiden voyage and the plan is to do 2 plants in 7 gallon pots next time. I’m going to leave the net in and see if I can’t do something with it like tying the branches as you suggested. I’m not sure if this type of netting is going to be my final solution.

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I think the biggest issue with that net is the size of the squares. They look to be about 6” squares. That requires a lot of growth to move the branches between squares. Next time, if you go with a net with 2” squares, the branches only need to grow about an inch before you can move to the next square. Really helps to spread them out. This is with 2” squares


Good advice my friend! Thank you! I’m already looking at building something like this for the 2 plant grow: What scrog do you use?

Question though: How difficult is it to lift the pots and check if watering is needed?

Lifting the pots is no different than without the net. You don’t have to pick them up high or anything. Just enough to get the bottom off the ground. A three-way soil meter is also helpful to test for moisture. This is one I have. Just ripped off the ph probe because it was pretty useless but the moisture probe works well.


And just for reference, this is 3.5"

I pull my plants down with my first trellised layer. I also train with wire before and remove the wire the day I start using a net. I dont move mine once they grow in.


@TDubWilly has many grows under his belt with nets like the one you’ve chosen.