Question on trimmings

Hi everyone, sorry if this is a stupid question. This is all new to me. I am growing some plants and when it comes harvest time I was going to hang them and dry them and dry trim them. If I do this will the trimmings still be usable to make butter? or do you need to wet trim to use the trimmings? Thanks

I recommend dry only. The wet trimming twill transfer chlorophyll into you butter.



If you really don’t wanna dry your trim you can freeze it and bubble it and use the resulting product to make edibles or live rosin.

I’m approaching harvest and will be doing a dry trim… Can trim be frozen for later use after drying is complete?

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Yes it can.

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I’ve been all over this forum and I have not seen an answer to this question.

My plant has a lot of really frosty sugar leaves. I’m thinking of doing some wet trim of those and wanted to fresh freeze them before making some dry ice hash.

So here is my question. Is fresh freezing as simple as putting leaves / buds into a burped ziplock and chucking them in the freezer?

Yes, and then when you’re ready to do dry ice hash, mix them with the dry ice for about 15 mins. It’ll make them even colder, and make the trichomes break off when you start sifting.


Thank you.

Can I use a nylon mesh bag for dry ice sifting? I can’t seem to find a metal one.

You can, but I would use a bubble hash bag with a set amount of microns.
75-150 I think is the better numbers.

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I meant a bubble bag set with nylon as opposed to metal. Does the nylon get brittle with the dry ice?