Question on taste, behavior of rosin from a hand press

So I have a High5 1-ton hand press that, well it gets the job done for right now. I squeezed a few nugs and was able to get a decent amount of sticky green rosin…

The taste is… well meh.

When I dab my rosin onto on the nail, I hear a crackling/popping that must be some remaining moisture from the nugs that were somehow preserved?

I also notice that the taste is good at times, but mostly reminds me of dabbing RECLAIM …

An anyone speak to this? The RH of the jar that housed my nugs was at 62%. Maybe that’s the culprit?

How long has it been curing/drying seems like it might have chlorophyll or something still in the buds. How does the actual flower smoke without being pressed?

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I harvested last month, but there were some issues with the plants being rootbound… 2 of the 5 I harvested taste really good when you vape it and the others… not as much.

They hung-dry for 11 days, and then into jars every since except for when RH got too high and I burped the jars.

I think I am going to try pressing my better flower and see how it comes out. The other stuff might be best as an edible solution.

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I think you’re spot on with your plan, probably just mishap while growing like you said that caused some issues. I’ll I know is you get what ya put in on the return when it’s comes to the concentrates if you have kids to lower grade buds your going to get that in the returns as well. Will make some great edibles though for sure!

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Thanks!!! Makes sense!

Forgot to add that the rosin still does the trick and will get you totally schwasted!! haha

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Haha hell yeah that’s always a bonus for sure! Happy that it turned out still, and hope the other buds maybe give you more terps!