Question on sex of 4 week plant


This is my 1st grow its an LED and CFL In a small homemade Box With ventilation The plant is right around 4 weeks old I believe I’m seeing pre flowers I could be completely wrong Any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance and happy smoking


Nope just normal growth at least looks that way to me
On each node you will see the lil prongs pointing upward


I’m old and I need new glasses but I see nothing there yet. Patience @1990420


Me either. Good eyes pappy. Lol


Hey there @Growit @Sasquatch @Happy_Pappy we are a few more days into it I was wondering if you guys could see any signs of sex yet I think female but am still very green sorry for all the pics i figured the more the better thanks in advance and happy smoking


I don’t see signs of sex. Eyes are getting pretty bad, but I still think it’s too early.

If nothing else, this growing will force you to learn patience…


I do on your decond one. I do believe. What strainand what kind of light?


I see pistils on the first few photos, but not on the last few pics.


I know the picture quality isnt the best but in person at the base of a few branches there are pods with white hairs coming out of them that plant went in soil already germinated in paper towle on march 3 my other 2 plants are 3 days behind that one its my first real grow and i am having a blast learning alot i have always kept a garden but this is way diffrent than growing beans lol but i am so glad i found ILGM so much help from lost of knowledgeable people thanks for the help you will be seeing a lot more of me I just ordered my tent lights and ventilation I’m goi g to get a 4 bucket DWC set in the next few weeks I see this becoming a problem lmao


Hey Happy Pappy it’s just a bad seed out of some no name chronic unfortunately i live in indiana and dont have access to good genetics the ligbts are 3 100 watt phillips leds I think around 5500 k and 1 65 watt cfl about 2700 k I think it’s my first real attempt at growing I have used to soil from the dollar store 2 liters with holes for buckets and made my own fixture for the lights I can’t wait to get a larger set up this has been a fun experience so far and look forward to and inproving and learning more thanks for all the help so far


They look healthy. Have you considered getting some seed through this site lately? I have an auto they ILGM and geneticly are awesome. I’m sure you have but was asking. My plant is 31 days old and looks terrific. How old are they now?


Possibly see some white hairs in the 1st 2 pictures…


What you are describing goes with what the others said. Sounds like a female.

I don’t do good with gardening. I can grow my own smoke, and yes, it’s better than what’s for sale out there, but I’m still learning like you.

You’re just starting to learn to grow it, I’m just starting to learn to grow it better. :smiley:

You’ll find this place to be a nice home away from home…


I Germinated them for about a week and paper towel and they went in the soil the biggest one was on the 3rd of March the other 2 were on the 5th of March So 15 or 20 days give or take a few And yes I have thought about getting genetics through the site I have just read a few comments from people saying They weren’t getting what they were expecting to I just wanna make sure if I spend the money I get exactly what I wanted but You by your seeds through the site Have you had good success


Well, my first round of germinating wasn’t so successful so I contacted customer service. ILGM dent replacements immediately. The ones that have srouted have been excellent. I killed one myself and they even sent me a replacement for the one I killed. I didn’t ask for it so they are commited to your success. I havnt planted the replacements yet but I’m sure their products are good. The ferts thst they recommend is excellent. The only plant I have going is quite hardy and beautiful. I would definitely recommend giving ILGM a try. Even one nice plant will well pay for itself. You have nothing to loose but you have alot to gain. Might want to get some fellows to sound off on your lights. Not saying their wring but you have some killer growers on here. Look at the bud of the month photos.


I would suggest getting a 300 watt led full spectrum from Amazon. They have several choices and are reasonably priced. They pull 147 watts from the wall. They have a IR and UV led as well. You’ll want that power when you hit the flower stage. It’ll get you some nice hard buds like you want.


No likes sorry, but I agree with the others. These look like pistils, congrats!


Hey @dbrn32 @Happy_Pappy @Growit I think I have hit a small snag this is the same plant that has the pistils you confirmed in a previous pic but now it has one set with out pistils is this now a hermie


Not necessarily, they look like calyx to me. Let’s see what the others think.


Looks like a hermie to me. The shape of those calyx and the fact they are bunching like that concerns me.