Question on rapid rooter

Germinated seeds on paper towels and placed seeds in rapid rooter plugs. Seeds have came up but not growing very fast . I know there putting down roots right now but i was concerned about the the rooters being so spongy the consistency of it worries me should i be concerned?

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Not a fan of any kind of “starter plug” as they can cause watering issues.

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You need to feed them a mild nutrient since the rapid rooters lack nutritional value.

I use rapid rooters for cloning where they are feed a mild nutrient but clones are better established then seedlings.

Next time I would suggest using soil and/or seed starter in a solo cup or small plastic pot. Seed starter is made out of peat and lack nutritional value beyond 10 days so they need to get fed too. I fill the bottom 2/3 of pot with soil and the remainder with seed starter. Seed starter makes it hard to overwater when starting roots, but it can grow into the soil and feed itself once established.

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Should just stick them in a solo cup of soil, and moisten it lightly.