Question on possible forced early harvest

Was outta town for 4 days. Have a auto watering system that malfunctioned. Watered before I eft so I estimate 3 days without watering.Came home to all wilted veg leaves. Buds darker. Immediately watered but after a few hours none of the Veg came back.was too far gone apparently. Was close to harvest anyway but not quite ready - waiting on cloudy trichomes. Although the leaf veg is dead the stalks still appear to be green. How would I know if the buds are ok or beyond saving for more continued light cycle to finish the maturing if I continue the light schedule. The key would seem to be if flowers are still capable of maturing further.
So how do I determine that ?

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I think you’re going to be fine. You have any pics?


Pics… :+1::wink:


More than likely it will be fine. A plant won’t bounce back in a couple of hours. You have to give it days to bounce back.

When I cut my GSC recently a bud formed literally just below where I cut her at. The stump was still in the soil and complete darkness. The bud was about the size of a marble.



Looks like you had problems before the water situation

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You’re in a really tough spot because if the plants are dead (and they don’t look like they’re beyond help) then light will affect the terpenoids and THC content.
But the light/temperature might encourage THC>CBN conversion, which could perhaps make and otherwise racy high a lot more sedative.

Checking those trichomes is a good idea.

Sorry for your situation.

Trichomes appear to be still active as of this morning. 1 plant they are getting cloudy so it’s about that time. Other 2 still clear so likely have another week.

Are there any leaves that have perked up?
How do the sugar leaves look? Outstretched, or wilted/curly?

All the leaves wilted. Buds appear to he ok. 1 plant might be iffy. But the other two seem ok.was in the Last stages of flower just waiting for the trichomes to get cloudy when this happened

I’d harvest the iffy one soon if it starts showing any signs of “dying”. Watch the buds closely they may start looking crisp or “off”.

If they all look that way , I would harvest…
They look pretty close to done anyway…
If you try to limp them along , they might bring bugs … :+1::wink:

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When I tried to murder mine recently it looked better within a few hours day after couldnt tell it was ever wilted. My leaves were limp and soft like a frost got em.