Question on perfect temp for LED lights

I am using a 600W LED light and recently have been getting temps around 84-86 degrees Fahrenheit in a small canopy i put in there to mimic how far the plant would be relative to the light. Would this be too hot? I did hear that higher temps are a little ok with LED lights but wasnt really sure what a good range would be. RH is normally around 40-45% and i have 2 fans in the tent. Tent size is 4ft X 2ft X 5ft. Have a purple kush seed germinating currently and do not want to introduce it to the tent if the temp would be too hot for it. Thanks!

Sounds about right. LED lights dont have any light in the infrared spectrum so because of this, leaf temperatures will be slightly lower. To counteract this, where you would normally have temps in the mid 70s or so, you would want to raise them to the low to mid 80s.
If you have a digital thermometer, you can better judge leaf temps. Which play a big role in VPD.

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This is what I’m currently using. Is this fine? And what temps and RH should I aim to hit for optimal leaf temp?

I use the same one, that will work, just know that different levels of your grow area will be different temperatures. Try and keep it around canopy level for the best readings. Toward the top of the tent will always be warmer, the bottom cooler.

Good to know. Thanks! I make sure to keep it in the canopy. What would you consider to be too high for a reading in the canopy? Highest I’ve got recently was 86.5

It would have to get pretty high to be too high, your humidity is what will give you problems with high temps, high temps, you would want a bit higher humidity. I dont think 86.5 is too high though.

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