Question on ordering seeds


Wellp, the 25th business day came and went, still no seeds. Gave it a few extra days to be sure, and still nada. So I just sent my email, hopefully I’ll hear something soon :confused:


I know its hard waiting. But if its taking that long, its not due to ILGM doing anything or not doing anything. Its customs. They can delay stuff there for months and have done in the past. You will hear from the customer support folks at ILGM. Most folks do get theirs within 10 to 15 days. If longer than that, customs has had something to do with it.
I got my first order in about 12 days. Many do. Keep us posted on things though.


@NewMan what’s the word?


Just got out our email back from the support team, just reconfirmed the address, so hopefully itll be on its way soon :confused:


@NewMan They will reship soon as possible. ILGM is great about that. From the way things ran, and the long time, sounds like customs got your first shipment, or just got delayed there. Sometimes they will show up a week after the 25th day. And after the reship is on the way. Alot of folks have talked about their shipments here on the forum. ILgM is a great outfit so dont worry. You will get your seeds.
let us know here how things go for you.


Thanks for the positive vibes @cyberblast. We’re staying as positive as possible, we know the risk of buying something like this. So hopefully it’ll all work out soon and I can give y’all an update on our progress


@bige by law in the US, banks have to notify the government of transactions over $10,000 or more. Some crooks get around by literally depositing $9,900 lol


@NewMan just curious what part of the country you are in? It took me quite some time to get 2 of 3 orders. It sucks waiting but it is so worth it when the beans finally get there.


he is in the deep south west @GetbackJoJo

And he got his seeds 3 weeks ago


@GetbackJoJo from the time of confirmatuon of the reshipment it took about8 business days. As @bob31 said, I live in a state that is in the southern US, though I’d take exception to labeling the great state of Texas as the South :wink: We take pride in being our own thing here haha


@NewMan my wife is a home born and grown Texican. Cowboy boots and gear all the way. She rode in a couple of the rodeos way back when…not as contestant, in parade. She still have the same hat and boots around here somewhere. Typical blond cowgirl. :wink:


I tried to spend my Christmas cash at ilgm to take advantage of xmas discount. It’s time to plan the spring grow. The website repeatedly showed that the 5 seeds I requested are not available, but I could buy 10 seeds instead. After the third strain showing the same thing, I gave up on my goal of ordering. I am just a small buyer, and having to be asked to buy more than I need would have resulted in getting half the number of different strains. Having fewer strains and lots of extra seeds was not the plan for spring. Really bummed out about it, cuz last 6 strains from you are all great smoke.


I took advantage of the coopun they sent a while back, $20 off of purchase for being a previous customer. And that same day the 20% Christmas coopun came out.
I was able to use both,and got a 10+10ww
10-crystal and 5 goldleaf. I pick a few different first all 5 seed purchase and it let me .
Sure it popped up as 10 but I hit the 5 button and. No problem


I figured their computer could not guess that if they had a ten-pack then they have 2 five-packs. Only 1 of 4 allowed a 5-seed purchase, but all 4 allowed 10-seed buys. Last time I got all six strains/5 seeds.


These websites name not a random title folks! I have ordered from here before 1 year ago. It has arrived in 13 days even I live close to the egypt. But Couldn’t find courage to do it. So I gave my 5x northern lights seeds to a friend.

But I got my setup ready now. 10+10 WW autos arrived at 34. day. Package discreetness was incredible. I got noone to share this happiness so I wanted to post it here! (I hope this is right forum to post this)

I have been never this high and happy on anything and I didnt consume anything for this I swear. What happened was only finding the shipment in apartment! This is me right now:

TY ILGM. I love you guys so much and I don’t love you just because of my beans arrived. I love you because you are just something else than a seller. I was asking questions and you re-shipped my beans. I didnt even ask. But I promise that I will pay that too when I get some money if re-shipment arrives! This is loyalty of ILGM. 98% of us knowing you are not after the money. You are doing it for sharing and making the culture grow! ILGM is the best ever. Have you ever seen someone gives warning to ppl in his tutorials about being secure? That’s ILGM man!

I created this topic so I could share the experience and one more thing: tell me your tales and happiness when you found your first order from ilgm in your postbox. Bruh I feel like “I just wanna order a drink to anyone in bar!” even I was finding this sentence stupid when I see in movies!