Question on ordering seeds


I would think those numbers are ok but as stated I don’t have much experience with them @Jmesser80
I like my photos and Autos are just for fun lol :+1:


Same here @Countryboyjvd1971. My main grows are indoors with photos I wanted to give autos a shot outdoors though and so far I’ve been impressed with them. Hoping to get 2 oz off each plant.


@Jmesser80 Generally speaking autos are smaller due to the shorter veg. But like everything else there are some that will be small and others that will be larger.


I think you can definitely do that outdoors
I got 1 ounce of my first Auto indoors so
I think you can do it @Jmesser80


I just noticed this thread, but I’m glad to see the problem is already resolved!
If someone still has any questions about this, don’t hesitate to ask me. :blush:


Thank you @ILGM.Support.Claire, just waiting on the shipping confirmation amd we’ll be all set :slight_smile: Y’all are awesome!


My C.C. stopped my payment . I call approved. and got my order in 10 days . south west Florida…


So today is the 16th business day, 25th actual day, and our order still hasn’t arrived :frowning: we’re hoping its still on its way, hopefully sometime this week.



I posted on your topic already @NewMan but I thought I’d just remind you here that you need to wait 25 business days and the proper way to notify them is to respond to the email that confirmed the shipment.


When ordering overseas via CC, you have to notify your bank to accept an international charge, each and every time you order overseas. They wont make it a multiple thing. I worked at a bank for a long time years back and that is one thing they are strict on. To protect you and them. So every time you order from ILGM, and use your CC, call your bank to authorize the charge. Saves stress and worry.


Thanks @bob31, Wednesday is the 25th business day so if they’re not here by that days mail I’ll send an email. Thanks for your help my friend!


In my case even though I pre-authorized oversees sales, occasionally they will block and text me for verification. I then tell them it is authorized and have them resubmit the charge.

No worries. Piece of cake!


@bob31 I would guess that the bank I used to work for was just stricter than others. And that was quite a while back, back when there wasnt so much overseas business like there is on the internet nowadays.
I just didnt like the questions my bank asked. The gal on the phone got pretty nosey. She even asked what I was buying. Told her that was my business and that it was personal items. Couldnt believe she asked me what I was buying. Likely just being nosey. :no_good_woman::nose:


My CC company has everything online. There is a checkbox to allow overseas charges. If they block one they auto text me and I reply y or n on whether it was ok. Wait a few minutes and email Ilgm to resubmit and it went right through!

I’m going to be traveling overseas and using my card too. They have a question on web for vacation, what countries and dates and they allow them. They are a very large bank though.

I belong to a small credit union locally that also has credit and debit and once they locked my card at 5pm because I was using it in Cleveland Ohio to buy gas. Then they went home and I got stuck in a gas station 750 miles from home waiting for the answering service to track the person down and then they had to go back to the cu and unlock my card. Major screw up and I finally got back on the road about 3 hours later.

Needless to say I failed to have a plan b and I got jammed.


@bob31 I use a medium sized CU and they have locked my card several times. Just using it in my home town. They locked it one time because i was buying at a store that I didnt use before. Go figure. And then the next time they locked it because I was spending a fair amount of money at Walmart. I had just bought something a couple hours before with the card at Walmart and then bought a bigger ticket item later. Well, tried to buy…it was a Friday evening and the CU was closed till Monday. So was i pissed. When I finally got to talk to them, I was still hot. Told them they didnt lock my card again unless they called me first and actually talked to me. On that card I just transfer money to it as needed so if someone tried to use it other than me, they werent going to get much normally so not worried really. Anyway, told the bank not to mess with my card anymore and stop applying such strict rules. Havent had any problems since.


@cyberblast sounds like your ccc has been burnt before…lol
WOW! locking it for using a different store sounds strange…lol i’m not telling you your business but myself i would find another creditor…
they protecting themselves more than you it seems.
hope you are getting a good % rate,if not i would most def.move…jmo
i see now you talked with them…good move! do not let those guys bully you!! you asking for a creditor not a big brother!! lol
they piss me off also,so don’t feel alone…lol


@BIGE Yep, they have been burnt before I guess, but after them doing that to me I have been thinking about getting a new bank.

When I talked to them I just about blew my stack. It is embarassing to have your card turned down at all, but then to have the funds and know it and cant use them for 3 days or even get cash was too much. I had been a member there for almost 20 years and I didnt like them at all for doing that. Told them in not so uncertain terms. I went from the clerk to the manager. And would have gone to the director if need be. SO …no more problems since. But still plan on eventually getting a new bank.

Yea, BIGE, its funny how they are pissing alot of people off. My wife never has had her card locked and she uses it every day. But me…I just use mine maybe every other week and then online. And they locked mine more than once. My wife laughed about it. I ended up having to use hers to make a purchase the last time they locked mine. And its funny…its just a copy of mine…to the same account and no problems…


listen to this BS @cyberblast,i received a check from a bank for an estate settlement, went from the person who handled its office down to the lobby and they would not cash it!!
i almost went to jail that day! all they would give me cash was 10,000 at one time…said that it was not a good idea for me to carry that amout of money and then later stated it was against the law!
acted as if i was laundering drug money or something and it was a check that they had just given me…i no longer go there…lol


It actually is incredibly dangerous to carry large amounts of cash in the US. John Oliver did a show about civil forfeiture, showed a guy who was traveling across state lines to buy a car and ended being pulled over and all of his cash taken by the police. They used the excuse that no normal person would have that much cash on them, and because its property its not subject to normal burden of proof laws. So for the guy to get his money back he had to go to court and prove his/his money’s innocence. Definitely some messed up stuff



I am not surprised. I had something similar happen to me a few years back. I recieved a large check as a settlement of account and went to cash it at the bank from which I had gotten it, and they wouldnt do it. Said I no longer had an account there and didnt want to be responsible for giving me that much money to be carrying on my person. Go figure… I had just canceled my account…thats why I had the check. I got pissed as hell too…But they did offer to open up a new account for depositing that check in, and then give me a partial cash amount since i wannted the cash. How is that for ironic.