Question on ordering seeds


Hey everyone, I had a question regarding my recent order and I was hoping someone might have any insight.

So my roommate and I ordered some white widow autoflowers from ILGM on Friday around 530pm Central US time, on Sunday the money was withdrawn from our account but there was no name or location of the company and we got a text from the bank asking to confirm the charge which we did, then on Monday. (Yesterday) we got this email

We emailed back but havent gotten a response, and the money isn’t back in the account. I know things take time to process and I live half a world away, but I’m paranoid because of the riskiness of the venture. Had anyone experienced the same thing or something similar and have any insights? Much obliged in advance!


I had the same problem last week. Declined three times. Bank says no funds were ever charged to my account, and nothing had been declined. I finally just cancelled the order. I will reorder again at some point.

This was the second time ordering from here. The first time the order went right thru and was using the same card. This card is set up to make international orders.


Hmmm this is interesting. I was thinking about ordering more seeds, but not sure I want to take a chance until this issue is resolved… :confused: Maybe someone from the company will weigh in??


You can also pay cash… I have down this twice and it’s non problem at all… Just follow ILGM instructions… I like this way because it’s more stealthy… May take longer but it has been very good method for me


@newman why not call your bank and authorize the charge?


@Fever calling the bank is our next step haha. Never done this before so I’ve been a bit hesitent about the whole situation. Thanks everyone for the input


The email confirmation says to do what I just told you. How do you know I am not an email disguised as a forum member? Lol


I had the same issue exactly. Notified the bank that the charge was authorized and then I notified ilgm that the bank was notified and they resubmitted it and it went thru. The bank never asked what I bought. There is no need to be worried. They are only trying to protect you and them from fraudulent charges perpetuated by overseas entities.

This is not a black mark against you, ilgm or your bank. Just a standard security feature.


Glad you got that resolved!



@NewMan this happened to me in my first order. I called the bank to ok the charge and it went through.
ILGM has great customer support they will get it straightened out for you.


So after an hour on the phone we finally got everything worked out. Turns out they originally approved the charge (hence the money being taken out) but then flagged it because I’ve never purchased anything from the charges country of origin. So lesson learned, I’ll more than likely have to do a two or three step process anytime I order, whichis totally acceptable considering the product I’m ordering.

My thanks to @Fever, @bob31, and @Jmesser80. Y’all were/are all a tremendous help to this newbie. It’s heartwarming to know there are good folks out there with a drive to help others succeed


Glad it all worked out @NewMan
Happy growing👍 You will like those white widows they are top notch in my book.


Thanks @Jmesser80, I’m really looking forward to their arrival. We plan on doing all 20 and seeing what kind of harvest we can get . I’ll post pics of the new setup in my other thread when i get the time.


Wow all 20 of them. You are going to have your hands full @NewMan. I have all I can do take care of 5 at a time couldn’t even imagine doing 20.


20? You must have lots of space! I’ve got 6 going this time, bought another tent to be able to to do 10 @ a time and already spend hours a day with them. Also, they’re mesmorizing!


@Jmesser80 @Laurap, how much space would you say a WWAF takes up? I’ve read that with some LST when its still young you can fit quite a few into a decently sized space


Haven’t grow any autos as turned off by yield. I’ve got photos going didn’t LST till late & next grow going with 4 so I can utilize all the plant. My tents 39x39x72. Don’t know if this helps


Autos are generally smaller due to shorter Veg times but it isn’t always the case. I am growing 3 autos currently and one of them stayed very small and one of them is around 4 feet tall but not very bushy. (not white widows though)
I would probably figure for them being around 18" in diameter and 30" tall. I’ve never grown whitenwidow autos The only white widows I’ve grown were photo period plants.
@Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @Hogmaster you guys have any insight to the possible size of a white widow auto?


I’m will steps aside my knowledge on Autos is very limited but for the most they will still be smaller
If you have a few outdoors @Jmesser80 that are 3-4 feet tall I’m thinking if photos they would be much bigger ? Just my thoughts


I agree @Countryboyjvd1971 photos would have been huge.
I think if he were to figure 18" wide by 30" tall would be able to figure out a grow space.