Question on ILGM Indica Strain Yields


So, I’m going to try a vertical grow on columns here in a few months, and along with figuring out fogponics and towers, I also need to figure out which Indica / Indica Dominant strain would suit this well.

If I’m looking to yield a minimum of 1 oz. per plant (These are small plants, roughly 21-30 day veg time, and they have to be small for this to work). I’m pretty sure just about any strain or plant can yield that much, but if I were to be a little greedy and had the chance to optimize to squeeze as much as I could out of a plant what strains would you guys recommend?

I think power plant and big bud put out some good yields. I think your idea would be great using clones and doing a vertical SOG type thing. Lots of small plants with one big cola.


Yup. Mother out a Power Plant or similar strain. N clone her to DEATH, in preparation to allow ALL her branchs to be big main colas. Good thinking man

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Thanks. Sometimes my brain works.

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Heck yeah, thanks guys I appreciate it!

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So, will you need to light these from the side also, I’m thinking the lower plants may not get as much light. Or maybe put the light at an angle.

I plan on putting the plants at an angle and providing artificial support if they get too heavy. They’ll have about 8 or inches of space in between each plant

Those watered plants will weigh a ton. But if you use the PVC pipe planters you could easily collect run off for analysis.

Yeah it’s going to be all PVC, if all goes well once I build it I’m going to do a grow journal on it for everyone. So maybe some folks can maximize the use of their space for higher yields.

I have an 11’x11’ grow room that I only grow 4 plants in. I would love to use more of it but I’m in a non legal state and anything over 5 plants is a big deal. Any is illegal but it’s only a mistormeanor if it’s 5 and under. This state sucks.

I know your pain, I’ve gotten pretty good at hiding everything and keeping a low profile, I figure go big or go home.

Me too. I went as far to build a sliding book case to conceal the entrance to the room.

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Too bad my house is starting to get ummm a little skunky lol.


how do i find out what ive got . i can post a picture of the stalk but i dont know where to send it