Question on Foxfarms Neuts?

Used the treo last grow no issues and overall great results. Thinking about adding the “Open sesame,Cha ching and Beastie bloom” in my next grow. Input on these would be appreciated. They aren’t cheep, do they offer enough to balance the cost? What results should I expect from the use of these??


Hmmm I’m pretty sure they are ripeners or finishing nutrients. I believe the only one I remember using this is @Hogmaster
But I know my lady friend @Missiles uses the FF line and I believe @GreenJewels uses it as well.


Thanks. With the cost of dirt,perlite,ect. want to spend wisely. LOL

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I use them and really like them. I think that they make the buds really bulk up during flowering. you don’t start using them until you see true flowers on the plants and then you only use one for a couple weeks then you switch to another and so on. you don’t use a whole lot so they will last you a few grows. Unless you’re doing a commercial grow or something LOL


Hogmaster could definitely give more info than I can. I started with the trio then 2nd grow I added open sesame, Beastie Bloomz and Cha Ching. I am now using using all of these

I don’t really use the flower kiss foliar spray. Too lazy for that.
I personally think it helped increase my bud size, and trichome production. I haven’t had enough experience to say if it’s worth the cost. I feel this go around, I am better at knowing how to read my autoflower plants to transition the nutes better. So after this go around, I will have a better idea of it’s it’s worth the price tag. I’m also giving one autoflower in soil a try with megacrop to see if switching would be more cost effective with the just as good of results. I’m only at day 15 on this indoor soil grow, so it will be while. Good luck with your grow. I’m anxious to hear what others have to say who have more experience than I do.


I use all three of them for supplement during flower only it’s the only time I usually use Fox Farms but the stuff works great I swear by it


Which is always better than swearing at it. :wink:


i use all of foxfarm, started with the dirty dozen and added from there and i love them. i also add snow storm ultra by humbolt county. they work great.