Question on drying room and taste

I just finished reading several of the ILGM guides on drying/curing. I am concerned because the only area I have to dry my harvest is in an attic with a naturally ridge vented roof. It is dry and warm most of the time. The humidity is up and down but averages around 50% or less. Temps can get fairly warm on a sunny day up to 90 deg f. If it is cool out the temperature can drop in to the 70 deg f range. If I dry here will it cause bad tasting smoke? I would consider the room dark and dry but not cool or drafty. Any thoughts would help me. Do I need to find a different way or place to dry? I do not want harsh smoke. I plan to grow outdoors in good soil without any additives in search of better taste.

If you dry your plant in an area that is too hot, it essentially just makes your smoke a harsh one. Quick drying causes this. And when the temps are up at 90 in an attic, your buds will probably get super dried out quickly. I actually use my attic, which sounds exactly like yours, to dry my garden herbs, like oregano and basil. I put it in a brown paper bag and put it in the attic for a few days, that’s all it takes and all the herbs are dry and cracking.

I wouldn’t recommend the attic. But, if it’s all you can use, try and get creative with it. Maybe you could figure out a way to make your own little enclosure that could be placed in the attic to make your own temp inside of it and keep the dry attic air out. Got an extra storage container, like the Tupperware Rubbermaid bins? Use your imagination, us pot growers usually have really good ones!

Hope this helps!

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ktreez420, yes that advice helps a lot! You answered a few questions I had there. Thank you! I just learned a good lesson.

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